Louis Tominson Tweets Love For Fans As They Get ‘No Control’ Played On The Radio

Yesterday we revealed that those lovely One Direction fans were aiming to show the boys a whole load of love after getting fed up with the lack of singles released from the band’s amazing fourth studio album, erm, ‘Four’.

Planning to take on the challenge of a do-it-yourself single, the fans selected catchy number ‘No Control’ to receive such an esteemed honour, partly thanks to the fact that Louis Tomlinson provides the lead vocals to the track and sounds absolutely amaze, no matter what a certain music producer might think.

It didn’t take long for the bloomin’ brilliant idea to pick up traction, with #WeWantNoControlAsASingle fast topping the worldwide trends list and, more importantly, the amount of downloads and streams of the song catapulting it to the top of the download, most-played and trending charts to boot.

Seriously, you should never ever underestimate the power of the One Direction fandom.

Obviously with the amount of cray-cray hype building around ‘No Control’, it was only a matter of time before it got noticed by the boys and less than 24 hours after the campaign started, 23-year-old Louis took to his Twitter page to share his actual amazement at just how ruddy awesome the fans are.

The gorge babe of a singer retweeted an article about the song being number one in Billboard’s trending list and wrote alongside it: “This is soooo incredible guys ! Another example of how good you are to us !!”.

From then on, the campaign’s power skyrocketed with a New Zealand DJ for iHeartRadio taking it upon himself to make our bloomin’ lives by playing only One Direction songs, and mainly ‘Four’ album tracks, throughout his prime time show.

This side of the ocean, ever-reliable Nick Grimshaw fulfilled the fans’ wishes by playing ‘No Control’ during his Radio 1 breakfast show, promptly making us dance around our kitchen singing about stained coffee cups and tastes on our tongues.

Gosh, we forgot how bloomin’ kinky that song is.

With the social media storm set to peak for #NoControlDay on Sunday thanks to a ThunderClap campaign, it looks as though the fans’ really will get their wish of showing the world just how amazing ‘No Control’ is.

Good going guys, we knew that you’d do it.

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