Louis Tomlinson And Liam Payne’s Girlfriends, Eleanor Calder And Sophia Smith, Are Basically Best Friends

Move over Selena and Taylor, there’s a new BFF power couple in town.

Eleanor Calder and Sophia Smith, or the girlfriends of Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne as they are better known, have been making us wildly jealous via MazSight posts lately.

Is it because they are the other halves of two hunky, multi-millionaire popstars? Or because they’re joining One Direction on tour and staying in glamorous five star resorts? Or is it even because they both are super pretty and have amazing hair?

Well, kind of all of the above, but we are mostly jealous because they are actually the sweetest BFFs in celeb WAG history.

22-year-old Eleanor has been sharing SO MANY SNAPS of the pair’s happy times together whilst they have joined the boyband on the American leg of their ‘Where We Are’ tour.

Having been dating Louis for around about three years, Els is no doubt just super excited to finally have a fellow bandmate’s girlfriend to play with while she jets around the world with them.

Liam and Sophia first got together last Summer, they allegedly split earlier this year but after Liam seemingly realised that he can’t be without his glossy-haired gal, the pair reunited just in time for her to travel the world with the boys and their entourage. 

With Zayn’s fiance Perrie always off and about with Little Mix and Harry and Niall not having a steady relationship, Sophia was no doubt an exciting breath of fresh air for Eleanor, who was probably getting sick of boy smell and ‘lad talk’.

The girls seem to do everything together – from civilised lunches to road trips to posing in the street with a Starbucks,there appears to be no end to the gal pal love.

They even made an appearance at V Festival together, looking chic and stylish as they hung out in the VIP area without a Liam or a Louis in sight.

Meeting up even when they don’t have to? That’s how you know they are BFFs.

Totally natural poses, ladies.

So how do we get in on this beautiful friendship?

Because if it involves having to date Harry Styles then we suppose that’s something that we could get on board with.

You know, if we really had to.

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