Louis Tomlinson ‘Beds Two Girls In One Night’ And Parties With People Taking ‘Ecstasy’

So you know how our fave person ever, Louis Tomlinson, went out for what you’d call a ‘big night out’ the other week? Well, more supposed ‘details’ about Lou-Lou’s raucous evening of activities have emerged – and it’s not exactly ‘a bowl of Doritos and and early night’ if you get our drift.

Also, we say ‘details’ because to be honest, we can’t be sure how believable all of this is anyway – as it all came out after a member of Louis’ harem went and had a sit-down with The Sun.

So we’ll let you be the judge.

According to fashion journalism student Kemi Lawrence, one of the girls Louis was partying with that night brought out some ‘ecstasy’ tablets – BUT DON’T WORRY GUYS, LOUIS DIDN’T TAKE ANY OK.

“Everyone was already pretty drunk and lively when this girl pulled out the ecstasy pills called Pink Ladies. I don’t know if Louis was aware of it, and I didn’t see him take any. The only drug I saw Louis take was weed.”

“One of his pals pulled it out of a backpack. The two of them rolled about three or four joints for them to smoke. Louis obviously knew what he was doing, he was pretty expert at it.”

Two points about the above:

1) ‘Louis obviously knew what he was doing’ – Well, we don’t condone smoking of ANYTHING obviously, but it’s nice to know that Louis’ clearly got nimble fingers and must be be very good with his hands.
2) ‘Ecstasy pills called Pink Ladies’ – Firstly, how do you know these were ecstasy pills and not just an innocent bag of TicTacs HMM? Secondly, ‘Pink Ladies’?? Not being funny but that is the sassiest name for a Class A drug we’ve ever heard.

Anyway, Louis’ emergence as the resident Sid Viscous of One Direction wasn’t the only claim that the lovely Kemi decided to espouse. Apparently, Louis went to bed with not one, but TWO lucky ladies!

LOUIS, YOU massive STUD!

Kemi said: “We carried on drinking until 7am and then Louis stood up and led two girls into the bedroom and shut the door behind the three of them. One of the girls came out in just a white shirt half an hour later.”

Well, here’s hoping Louis had the heating on in the hotel – we’re still on the end of the cold and flu season guys and walked around in just a plain white shirt all morning is going to have you reaching for the Sudafed in no time.

FYI – Louis’ representative claimed that he hadn’t slept with those girls, so erm… yeah.

But despite not being invited into Louis’ boudoir, Kemi told The Sun that she has nothing but fond memories of the night:

“That night was number one, two and three in the list of my wildest ever nights. It was totally unexpected and I don’t think I’ll ever top it. Louis was still being really fun and energetic [the next morning], and he was very considerate. He even ordered us fresh tights and socks from room service. Later he settled the room service bill for all of us, which came to £6,000.”

“The night or anything like it is never going to happen to me again. It was one in a million.”

Sounds like it babe – and you even got a free pair of tights out of it! SCORE.

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