Louis Tomlinson CONFIRMS Split From Eleanor Calder… But Who’s This ‘Mystery Brunette’

We’ve had our suspicions for weeks, and now it’s finally been confirmed that One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson has split from girlfriend Eleanor Calder.

While rumours that the pop star was spotted kissing a ‘mystery brunette’ in a Thai swimming pool did the rounds this weeks (yeah, we’re not too sure about this one either), a spokesperson for the star revealed that he is in fact now single.


Confirming the break-up to MailOnline, the 1D rep said: “Louis and Eleanor split up two weeks ago. They have not announced this as they wanted some privacy during this time.”

Yeah, we just need a moment or ten to properly process this information.

But while we get our heads around the fact that Louis and Eleanor are no more, we’re SERIOUSLY reeling from new rumours about this poolside kiss.

A source apparently told The Sun: “He was pictured locking lips with the mystery girl in Thai capital Bangkok where he partied with bandmate Zayn Malik.”

Yeah, we’ll believe it when we see it.

We become pretty convinced that the couple had gone their separate ways last week when we couldn’t help but notice that 22-year-old Eleanor was being suspiciously active over on her social media page, getting tattoos with her pals in sunny Los Angeles and generally being very visibly NOT with Louis.

Meanwhile, Lou spent his rare few days off from the One Direction world tour in the UK, heading straight from Japan to London, where he acted as a guest judge on new talent TV programme ‘Be In The Band’ before setting off for the glamour of Leeds, where he had a whale of a time clubbing with fans and looking gorgeous.


This lead us to ask a couple of Very Important Questions: 1. Isn’t it a bit strange that Lou wouldn’t spend his precious time off with his supposed girlfriend of absolutely yonks?

2. Considering Eleanor hardly EVER uses her Insta account, and when she does it’s usually to post pics with Lou and the rest of the 1D crew, why is she suddenly keeping her 1.8million followers up-to-date with her life without the star?

The only thing is, judging by the mahoosive grin plastered across Louis’ face all night long in da club, he doesn’t exactly seem too heartbroken about any suspected break up… Come to think of it, he hasn’t looked this chirpy in blimmin’ ages.

Then again, who doesn’t love to let their hair down on a Monday night, eh?

Pile all of this on top of the fact that Eleanor hadn’t been seen with the 23-year-old since they took a stroll on Bondi Beach in Oz last month, adding to our suspicions.

After poor old Zayn was forced to fly back to the UK amid cheating rumours, we only hope that Louis doesn’t have to do the same.

How much more drama can the boys take? Chin up, lads!

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