Louis Tomlinson Facts: 24 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About The One Direction Star

Louis Tomlinson is pretty much renowned for being the sassy member of One Direction with cheekbones so high that he can make every individual within a fifteen foot radius swoon on demand.

But there’s a lot more to Louis than amaze bone structure and fab comebacks; for example, did you know that just how many seconds worth of solos he had on 1D’s first album, Up All Night? Or what his surname COULD have been?

Erm, okay, so you probably do.

Because you guys know absolutely everything and there’s really just no competition when it comes to Louis T knowledge.

Still, have a little peruse of our super duper fun facts and you never know, you might learn something new…

1. Simon Cowell and co. were actually a tad unsure about placing Lou in the hugest, biggest, most famous band on the planet back in 2010 X Factor, and he very nearly didn’t make the cut.

Erm, could you imagine One Direction without Louis Tomlinson? Because we most certainly can not.

2. On a similar note, even once the band were up and running the 23-year-old was kind of pushed into the background a little bit and was meanly given the least amount of solos on 1D’s first album, Up All Night.

If you’re wondering about the specifics, throughout the 53 minute and 14 second long record, Lou gets a grand total of 1 minute and 29 seconds worth of solos – less than the other boys by a landslide.

Still, Lou persevered and fans are in total agreement that Lou’s voice makes the band what it is and he has since gone on to write some absolutely awesome tracks for their fourth album.

*Cough* No Control *cough*.

3. We all know that Louis was born and raised in sunny Doncaster, but did you know that other famous peeps to reign from Donny include Jeremy Clarkson and Brian Blessed?

There you have it, a piece of Louis trivia that your dad will appreciate.

4. We are all well-practiced in scrawling our signature as Mrs. Tomlinson whilst we dream about the day that we will marry him, but we could have very easily been fantasising about being Mrs. Poulston or Mrs. Austin instead.

Louis took the surname of his stepfather, Mark Tomlinson, when he was younger but he could have kept his biological dad, Troy Austin, or his mum, Johannah Poulston’s, last names.

Is it just us or does Louis Tomlinson deffo have the best ring to it?

5. Louis’ mum and stepdad Mark broke up in 2011, just as One Direction were really starting to take over the world.

Speaking about the difficult split, Lou once revealed: “It must be so much harder for her because I’m living this fantastic life and being so busy every day whereas she’s still in the old life I was in but without me… It must be really difficult for her not to get upset.”

N’aww, chin up, love :( all’s well that ends well.

6. Big-hearted Lou has also previously shared that he is at his absolute happiest when he is spoiling his family…

7. ….Which must be pretty cool for his seven brothers and sisters – Lottie, Felicitie, Phoebe, Daisy, Doris, Ernest, and one sis on his father’s side, georgia.

8. When he was just eleven years old, Louis had a role as an extra on ITV drama Fat Friends, alongside his newborn twin sisters Doris and Phoebe.

9. He also appeared on Waterloo Road, If I Had You, and even featured as an extra in a film opposite blimmin’ Oscar winner, Eddie Redmayne.

10. In fact, Louis loved acting so much that he said that if he wasn’t in One Direction he would be a drama teacher, which obviously would never have happened because he is definitely way, WAY too hot to be a stuffy old teacher.

Nobody would be able to pay any attention at all!

11. Having as many younger siblings as he does hasn’t put Lou off having kids, in fact, he ruddy loves them and has once said that he wants to name his sons Leo and Lucas.

Going down the Kardashian route with that one we see, still, we’re not complaining if we get a reality show out of it.

12. If you rewind to before One Direction ever came to be, you might recall a certain Zayn Malik throwing a massive strop when he was asked to dance during X Factor’s audition process.

What you might not remember is Louis William Tomlinson doing jazz hands behind him throughout – who would have thought that those two would go on to be bezzie mates, eh?

13. Although they may be partners in crime, Louis isn’t afraid to act tough with the brooding and mysterious one, admitting that he once hit Zayn with a shoe for calling Harry Styles “Beautiful”.

The reason? “Harry’s mine”, explained Lou.

We know, babes, we know.

14. The hunk revealed that back in May 2012 he was woken up by a naked man trying to enter his hotel room in Stockholm at 5am.


Luckily, the man wasn’t a nude murderer or anything scary – he was appaz drunk and looking for the toilet – good excuse, eh?

15. Sticking to the strange territory, Louis said that he once got given a sanitary towel with a fan’s Twitter handle written on it.

We reckon whether or not it was… Erm… Used… Would have been a huge factor in whether she got her follow…

16. We’re sure that you all deffo know this one, but we thought we’d bring it up as it is our fave – ever sassy Louis once forgot his ID on a night out in Toronto, unfazed by the mishap Lou insisted that the waiter look up his date of birth online to prove that he was of age.

The power, THE. POWER.

17. A lot of fans believe that One Direction’s management team have control over Louis’ Twitter account, and the star has previously made mysterious comments alluding that this might just be true – like the time that he absolutely insisted that he had never unfollowed anybody on the social network, despite his account unfollowing a whole bunch of fans just days previously.

Needless to say, we are on high alert.

18. You’d have to be an amateur not to know that Louis was born on Christmas Eve, but did you know that it is also World Eggnog day?

Double the reason to celebrate, we reckon.

19. Louis was shocked when One Direction’s film, This Is Us, came out and his mum revealed that he’d only been back to Doncaster five, FIVE, times since the band started.

Lou said at the time: “For me, my mom actually says I’ve only been back to Doncaster [my hometown] five times. I didn’t realize that it was as little as that.

“It’s quite shocking to see.”

20. However, absence clearly makes the heart grow fonder with Louis being a patron for local charity, Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, and even buying local footie team, Doncaster Rovers, when he heard that it was going to close down due to low funds.

21. Steve Brookstein (remember him?) once slagged Louis off for not being a very good singer, definitely not because he’s bitter or anything like that…

22. Let’s get seriously specific, when Louis was born he weighed 7lbs 3oz, was 49cm long,  and had a head circumference of 34.5cm.

He’s still incredibly teeny.

23. Did you know that Louis’ can actually play the piano? And we are seriously disappointed that this has not been embraced to the max during any of the boys’ world tours.

24. He’s actually really ruddy nice. Known to sass somebody out with the flick of his hair and a raise of his eyebrow, Louis has a bit of a rep for being too cool for school – but that’s only if you wrong him.

Generally speaking, he’s got a heart of gold and all the time in the world for his legions of dedicated fans, which we are sure YOU all know, but it’s still nice to get out there as much as we possibly can.


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