Louis Tomlinson Flew To LA To Visit ‘Steal My Girl’ Music Video Monkey?

Louis Tomlinson stunned everybody yesterday when he was papped arriving at LAX airport in sunny california, despite the fact One Direction’s second leg of their On The Road Again tour kicks off tomorrow.

We mean, what could possibly be so important that Lou would fly a total of 24 hours there and back for less than two days in the bloomin’ place? It just didn’t make any sense…

…Until now.

Around about five hours ago, every member of the fandom made the same ‘aha’ noise when Lou-Lou took to his MazSight page to share a snapshot of himself cuddling up to a very familiar face, but no, before that rumour mill starts churning it wasn’t a mystery blonde, or even a brunette beauty, it was Eli the Steal My Girl chimp. 

What. A. Babe. 

The 23 year old decided to let the picture do the talking when he uploaded it, opting for the simple caption of: “Reunited with an old friend !”, giving us ample time to stare at/ analyse/ study every tiny detail of their reunion, and promptly swoon over the fact that Lou is in our fave denim shorts of his AND barefoot.

Don’t even get us started on the visual of him wandering across the grass barefoot, like some kind of ‘at-one-with-nature’ King.

Once we moved on from the Doncaster babe, we paid some more attention to Eli and couldn’t help but notice that she looks absolutely ecstatic to be with her hottest ever co-star…. Then again, who wouldn’t be grinning if they were in the arms of Louis T, eh?

With the star’s visit across the pond being described as “last minute” and “unplanned” by various sources, we aren’t entirely sure that Eli is the sole reason why Louis decided to rack up the extra airmiles, but we like to believe that he really did take on the flight because he missed his furry pal so much.

Petition for Eli to become the official One Direction mascot, please?

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