Louis Tomlinson Makes A Very Public Arrival In LA Two Days Before One Direction Tour

You can’t deny that those lovely One Direction lads have been making the most out of their well-deserved two month break from the On The Road Again tour, especially Louis Tomlinson, who has been jetting all over the globe with an array of very lucky friends.

Would you believe that we didn’t get a single invite? Rude.

However, fans are now starting to get a little bit concerned over the fact that the boys are set to kick off the second leg of the tour this Friday in Cardiff, and Lou was spotted making a very public arrival in Los Angeles earlier today.

Fans are basically very confused about what sunny LA could possibly have to offer the star in order to make him fly all the way out there for less than two days, we mean, we know that In-N-Out burger is good, but is it really that good?!

There is also a bit of worry around the fact that in the entire two months that they have had off, all four boys have scarcely been in the same country – making it seem as though rehearsals for the much-anticipated new setlist have taken a backburner, ooft:

Michael Zhang

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