Louis Tomlinson Reassures Fans New Songs Are Coming After OTRA Setlist Leaves Them Disappointed

One Direction fans were left slightly disappointed last night when the second leg of the boys’ On The Road Again tour kicked off after a two month break… And the set list was completely the same.

Apparently whoever is in charge of these things didn’t get the memo about how much the fandom loves No Control… We mean, it’s not like there was a whole campaign about it or anything…

As the realisaton kicked in that tracks such as ‘Diana’ and ‘You And I’ were still being belted out by the fab foursome, with only four new songs being added to the OTRA setlist following their previous Where We Are tour, fans took to Twitter to vent their dismay and confusion at why there were no more songs from the boys’ most recent album, ‘Four’.

Especially as various members of the band had promised throughout the break that new songs were on the way.

They ranted:

Obviously the amount of backlash was a litttttle bit hard to ignore, and soon good ol’ Louis Tomlinson took to his trusty Twitter account to do what he does best – reassure the fans that he was going to make everything okay.

He wrote: “Was a great show today !! New songs coming soon promise :)”

We’ll have to hold you to that one, babes.

And if ‘No Control’ isn’t one of the ‘new songs’, then you’re not going to know what’s hit ya.

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