Louis Tomlinson Says One Direction Feel Like "Little Scumbags" Who Aren’t Worthy Of Their Fame

Don’t be so hard on yourself, Louis.

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson has spoken out about how crazy famous they are, and what he had to say is pretty humble.

The band ended the UK leg of their tour with three sold out gigs at Wembley Stadium in June, which is obviously a massive deal.

And it seems as though 22-year-old Louis still can’t quite believe it, saying: “I feel like we’ve blagged it again. 

“You look at the names of who’s played Wembley and you almost feel like you’re not worthy of it.

“We just feel like we’re just little scumbags.”

Hold up, what??

These are the comments of Louis Tomlinson, right?

Not some middle-aged troll on an internet message board?

 21-year-old Liam Payne also chipped in with his views on the whole fame situation saying that it was incredible to follow in the footsteps of their icons, adding: “For people like us to be playing stadiums, it’s just the biggest thing in the world.”

The band are nearing the end of their Where We Are stadium tour, which has seen them perform sold out concerts all over the world to their millions of devoted fans.

The boys are currently on a break but set to return to finish the US leg of the tour on the 11th of September before it wraps up on the 5th of October.

And it isn’t just selling out stadiums that One Direction are succeeding at, with it also being announced earlier today that the band have broken a Guinness World Record for their first three albums debuting at number one in the US billboard chart.

They are the first to achieve such a feat, beating legendary artists such as Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson.

So Louis might think that the band aren’t worthy and that they’re “blagging” their success, but we’re sure the millions of Directioners across the world would beg to differ. 

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