Louis Tomlinson ‘Takes Five Girls Back To His Hotel Room After Clubbing All Night’

Yawwwwwwwwwn, is anybody else getting bored of this narrative by now? Louis Tomlinson goes out clubbing in London, gets papped leaving in a taxi with ‘mystery blondes’ and ‘brunette beauties’, and is obviously, apparently, bonking them all?

We mean, we can’t be the only ones finding this all a little tiresome?

To be fair, this time around the tale has kind of upped its game after the 23-year-old babe was spotted leaving Cirque Le Soir nightclub with not just one, not just two, but FIVE gorgeous ladies – hopping into a taxi with the harem and taking them back to his hotel room.

Errm, we were fairly certain that Lou had his own place in London so has no actual need for a hotel room, but let’s not get in the way of the story, eh?

Clearing making a habit of sitting on people’s laps when he is drunk, the One Direction star was pictured clambering onto the knees of one of the lucky ladies, but it looks as though all forms of physical contact were quickly banished as soon as they had reached their destination.

Yes, you read that correctly, despite being continuously papped getting into cars with a gaggle of females, Louis proved that he’s not actually that interested in any of them as he was snapped rejecting the advances of one of the girls who attempted to link arms with him as they arrived at the hotel:

Considering Louis won’t even link arms with the girls, and hasn’t ever been pictured doing anything more but sit on the lap of a lady, we are fairly certain that even if they did all sneak off to a London hotel room then there probs wasn’t not any form of hanky panky going on behind closed doors.

You can’t fool us, babes, you can’t fool us.

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