Louis Tomlinson Turned Down A Hollywood Film Role For One Direction

Right, you can all stop with these rumours about Louis Tomlinson being the next to walk away from One Direction because he has proved his loyalty by turning down a bigshot Hollywood movie role.

We ruddy told you that he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon, didn’t we?

Not only did the film offer Lou the chance to embrace his inner actor, it also incorporated his love for football, with it being said that he was to play the part of a goalkeeper in a movie based on Reading Football Club.

Apparently the character was a renowned troublemaker on the pitch back in the 1960s, which sounds like something we could imagine the sassy and cheeky 23-year-old being pretty fantastic at, but Lou straight up refused to take the part at the cost of his position in One Direction.

Speaking to The Daily Mirror, a source revealed: “There were several meetings and it was something that Louis really, really wanted to do.

“He loves football, so the chance to play a footballer was a huge temptation in itself, but he also loved the script and very much saw it as the beginning of an acting career, which is something that he is considering when 1D finally go their separate ways.”

Erm, you mean way, way, way into the future – right?!

The insider went on to add: “It was just a case of bad timing as filming was scheduled for exactly the same time as One Direction’s American tour dates so he declined the offer and chose to stay with the band.”


In case you didn’t know, giving up such a major acting role is a seriously big deal for the singer, who has made no secret of his film desires and had even appeared as an extra in TV shows and films before he found fame with 1D.

Including one particular film with none other than Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne, pretty fancy eh?

Louis’ big sacrifice probably explains why he was a little bit peeved this morning when *sob* former bandmate Zayn Malik’s seemingly new BFF Naughty Boy meanly teased One Direction fans with the 22-year-old’s new solo material, less than a week after the Bradford boi sensationally quit the band.

Taking to his Twitter account in a bid to defend the fandom’s honour, sassmeister Lou wrote: “Wow @NaughtyBoyMusic you’re so inconsiderate pal , seriously how f*cking old are you ?

“Grow up ! #masterofallwisdom

“Always have struggled to bite my tongue.”

We wouldn’t have it any other way, babes.

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