Louis Tomlinson’s Charity Football Match: Was Harry Styles The Mascot? Twitter Seems To Think So

We’ve all been looking forward to Louis Tomlinson’s charity football match ever since it was announced, and the fact that it fell slap bang in the middle of One Direction’s On The Road Again break had us feeling strangely optimistic about his bandmates popping along to show their support.

Obvi since it was announced we have actually lost a bandmate (still not over it), and as it happens Niall Horan couldn’t make the match but was quick to send his bezzie mate good luck vibes via Twitter.

However, Liam Payne did turn up and was apparently Louis’ biggest supporter as he cheered his bro on from the sidelines before posing for the perf LiLo selfie that basically made us drown in feels.

Then…. Then there was Harry Styles. Who remained suspiciously quiet on all social media channels but did not show up for the game, with it being thought that he is still over in sunny Los Angeles with Chelsea Handler’s bum and James Corden’s giggle….


Y’see, it seemed pretty strange that the 21-year-old has been MIA for the last couple of days, and when fans saw the Doncaster Rovers mascot they couldn’t help but notice the striking similarities between the costume-clad individual and Harry Edward Styles…

There were the questionable dance moves:

The general, manly stature:


All in all, the fans are pretty much convinced:

Xeni Jardin

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