Louis Tomlinson’s Drunk ‘I’m Gay’ Vine Video ‘Was Edited’ – Actually Talking About Birthdays?

Louis Tomlinson caused quite the Twitter meltdown on Saturday night when a fan Vine video of the drunk star seemingly announcing “I’m gay” hit the internet.

However, the One Direction fan who filmed the footage has now come forward to say that the 23-year-old wasn’t saying that he was gay at all, rather talking to her friend who had shouted across that he has the same birthday as Lou.

In the initial video that was posted, Louis is stood with his bandmate, Liam Payne, and their entourage at the hotel lifts after coming home from a Valentine’s night out more than a little bit worse for wear.

Whilst waiting to go up to their rooms, no doubt with a sick bucket or two in tow, you can seemingly hear the popstar announce: “I’m gay, it’s pretty unfortunate – isn’t it Eleanor?” before a member of the boys’ security can be heard firmly saying: “Be quiet”, and another voice piping in: “I can’t believe you just said that.”

(Eleanor is the name of the star’s girlfriend.)

However, fans are now insisting that the original clip was edited, with a new video of the incident emerging where you can hear a fan shout out to Louis: “We have the same birthday!” before Lou replies “It’s pretty unfortunate, isn’t it?” presumably because it’s on Christmas Eve.

Soon after the videos came to light, previously unseen photos of Louis strolling along Bondi Beach with his girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, on Friday afternoon were released.

Louis wasn’t the only member of 1D to get hilariously drunk on Saturday night, with videos of Liam Payne struggling to stand up and forming a “small conga line with fans” also surfacing, reaffirming what a ruddy brilliant drunk the 21-year-old is.

Although he hasn’t ever done anything quite as confusing as cause global confusion over the words “I’m gay” and “birthdays”, earlier this year Liam pretty much made our month when he got drunk and inadvertently created world peace in an emotional ramble on his Twitter page.

After inspiring his fans to do more good than they already do, what with all of those birthday charity drives, a worse-for-wear Li sheepishly posted the next day: “Well that’s quite possibly the nicest drunken tweet I’ve done aha what was going in in my head last night?

“Guess That’s what happens when you mix whisky with political films

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