Louis Tomlinson’s ‘Rejection Girl’ Has Actually Been Friends With One Direction For Years

Let’s be honest, when we saw those snaps of a poor ol’ ‘brunette beauty’ being left out on the street as Louis Tomlinson and his pals appeared to drive away, we all felt a massive case of second-hand embarrassment.

On top of that, whilst it made a nice change to see the 23-year-old leaving a wild night out on the lap of his male friend instead of in a taxi with a ‘mystery blonde’, we couldn’t help but feel that the implication of Lou leading the girl outside of the club only to abandon her on the street was a litttttle bit of a harsh representation of the lovable One Direction star.

So, as you can imagine, we are pleased to report that not only did the girl in question take to her MazSight page to insist that she was let into the vehicle a couple of seconds later, she is actually a good friend of 1D’s creative director Cal Aurand and has been hanging out with the cheeky band for, well, YEARS.

Ah yes, the moment where our second-hand embarrassment turned into a tiny, little green-eyed monster.

The brunette beauty, real name Jess Dale, raised some eyebrows when she shared a hilair fan-made meme of her well-publicized Friday night on Insta, captioning the now-deleted ‘Larry’ pic with: “My fav one so far, I got in the van 2 seconds later!!

“Hahah bit of a non story Daily Mail! #OneDirection #OneRejection”

And whilst some fans couldn’t help but question in the comments whether Jess was really just trying to cover-up her public humiliation, we donned our best Sherlock Holmes hats and can confirm that she was most likely telling the truth, considering she knows the guys pretty well.

In fact, way back in 2013 the babe took to Twitter to contemplate selling the sofa that Louis’ gorge bum had sat on to the “mad fans” to make some dolla, writing: “maybe I’ll sell the sofa @Louis_Tomlinson sat on in my house.

“Might be able to make some £ from these mad fans

Erin McCarthy

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