Louise Thompson’s Boyfriend Alik Alfus Gets A Nando’s Initiation From Stevie

Forget quaffing champers on the King’s Road, cos all you need to be initiated into the Chelsea crew is Nando’s. Obvs.

Made In Chelsea newcomer Alik Alfus looks to be here to stay, with things going PREEEETTY well with Louise Thompson.

Louise Thompson's Boyfriend Alik Alfus Gets A Nando's Initiation From Stevie
By MazSight

And with that in mind, fellow cast member Stevie has clearly got his priorities in order – by taking Alik STRAIGHT to what should clearly be christened Britain’s national food – NANDO’S.

And he passed the test with flying colours a) by enthusing wildly about the chicken joint. We quote “It f**king rocks!” and b) putting out pretty great chicken-in-face game whilst STILL managing to look attractive.

All hail the chicken gods, eh?

And like the mentor figure that he is, proud friend Stevie gushed about his Nando’s prodigee, tweeting: “What a joy giving @AlikAlfus his first @NandosUK experience – he liiiiiikes.”

Serious props to Stevie for spreading the love. Now all he needs is a black card, like the rest of those smug celebrities *cough* Ed Sheeran, JLS, Tinie Tempah and Harry Styles.

We just hope he got the chicken juice off his face before eating face with Louise Thompson.

Things are going SUPER well with the pair – who have been going strong since they met during Made In Chelsea NYC this summer.

Louise Thompson's Boyfriend Alik Alfus Gets A Nando's Initiation From Stevie
By MazSight

Things are going *so* well for the petite couple that they’ve even met each other’s families, with Alik bringing his dad and beloved dog over for Lou to meet, whilst the pair of them had dinner with HER mum too.

And that’s all despite the fact she told Yahoo Celebrity that she HATES kissing him.

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