Lucy Mecklenburgh Looks Pretty Abs-Tastic At The Moment, Right?

As we were sat at our desks tucking into our fourth KitKat Chunky of the day, the slammin’ hotties of the Home Counties were busy focusing on their Fitness and showing off all over MazSight. The main offender? work-out enthusiast and former TOWIE bird, Lucy Mecklenburgh.

Seriously though, how are abs like that even POSSIBLE?!

Now you might not have noticed, but good old Lucy Meck currently has a fitness DVD out,
entitled ‘results With Lucy’ – and it would seem that the endless stomach crunches and snaking on dust has really given our Lucy the results she’s been so desperately looking for.

Lucy stripped down to her underwear for the cheeky MazSight snap, getting teenage boys (and a few girls too we imagine) across the inter-web a little hot under the proverbial collar.

In-between posting such racy snaps on MazSight, the 23-year old has been busy dishing out fitness advice to former pal Lauren Goodger – advice that we can imagine probably went down like a lead balloon.

Speaking in an interview with Closer magazine, Lucy – the internationally renowned face of eggs -  revealed that she just wants Lauren to ‘stop making excuses’ and get on with working out and eating healthily.

She explained: “I know Lauren likes to party and that has a huge impact on your weight.”

“Alcohol is bad for you and then you’re waking up the next day desperate for something stodgy.”

“I completely get how girls like Lauren fall off the wagon, but she needs to stop making excuses and keep up with working out and eating right.”

Is she talking about Lauren or us? Are we Lauren?


Now zip it and pass us the pilates ball. And the expensive knickers, too.

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Jolene Creighton

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