Lucy Mecklenburgh’s Birthday: Her Best Bikini Instagram Pics

She has a drool-worthy body.

And boy is Lucy Mecklenburgh not afraid to show it. Given that the former ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ beauty runs her very own online Fitness programme, it’s no wonder the ‘Tumble’ star is keen to show off what amazing shape she’s in with a sexy bikini shot or ten.

As she celebrates her 23rd birthday today, we’re celebrating with her very best bikini MazSight pics.

1. Lucy’s lesson in posing

Now listen up selfie fans; Lucy is giving you a lesson in how to do it right here.

First of all, the pose. That hand on the hip is what we like to call the ‘skinny arm’ pose, and can be taken from the selfie bathroom mirror to de club to the red carpet with ease. If you don’t have Lucy’s dedication to working out, this pose is a the way to fake lithe arms.

Secondly, the angle. Skewiff is where it’s at people. You want a wonky camera angle for maximum effect, so forget about any kind of straightforward straight on snapping.

Thirdly, the phone to face cover up. Give maximum attention to your abs/boobs/legs/whatever body part you’re showing off by hiding your face.

BTW love the colourful two-piece Luce.

2. Lucy’s toned tummy

When you’ve got abs like that, who needs a face? That seems to be the subtle message behind this bikini shot from March.

Love the underwear scattered across the floor in the background.

3. Lucy’s heels-n-bikini combo

“Bikini is from miss guided as many of you asked last time!!xx”

Now if you’ve been wondering how to go from the pool to casino, wonder no more. Simply throw on a pair of towering wedges and a leopard print pashmina and you’re good to go.

If your bikini has enough bling to rival the chandeliers, so much the better. Accessories and swimwear in one = good times.

4. Lucy’s #tbt

“Throw back haha #tbt”

If you thought Lucy’s bikini shots were a new thing, think again, as Miss Meck proved with this throw back Thursday pic in November 2013.

The bonus of this particular beauty is that we can actually see Lucy’s face in all its glory without a pesky smartphone in the way.

Not entirely convinced the ‘lying awkwardly on one arm in a swimming pool’ pose will take off though. Doesn’t look the comfiest, does it?

5. Lucy’s photobomber

Sunnies? Check. Skinny arm pose? Check. Embellished bikini? Check. Big smile with teeth? Check. Man waving in background? Priceless.

We were so dazzled by Lucy’s gnashers and bling in this pic from October 2013 that we almost failed to notice the photobomber in the background giving a casual wave while Lucy posed unaware a few feet away. Megalolz.

Vicky Pattison

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