Lucy Watson And Stephanie Pratt Are Bikini BFFs As They Ditch Man Problems For Girls Holiday

The last episode of Made In Chelsea NYC saw a heck of a lot of love life stress.

And both Lucy Watson and Stephanie Pratt had their fair share of drama.

Lucy Watson And Stephanie Pratt Are Bikini BFFs As They Ditch Man Problems For Girls Holiday
By MazSight

So it’s hardly surprising that the BFFs need some time away from the madness – and in particular Proudlock *COUGH*, Jamie Laing *COUGH* and Stevie.

Cue an amazing girly holiday with 24732582x obligatory bikini beach selfies (excuse us whilst we sob furiously into our keyboards whilst ordering a sun lamp from ebay).

To be fair Lucy did warn us the snaps would be green monster-inducing.

And true to form, the tag team of Stucy (yep that works) have ensured that both our Twitter feeds and our MazSight streams are FULL TO THE MAX with sickening paradise pictures.

Like this kind of thing.

And you know, this.

And of course there have been plenty of dreamy staring-into-the-distance bikini shots like this one.

And of course the odd Belfie.

But this is our favourite, captioned: “New hat alert” when OF COURSE the 1,200 people who favourited it were looking at her head. Yep.

The inseperable pair are taking a four-day break before filming resumes on the next series of Made In Chelsea – back on home turf for the autumn.

The last series left on a SERIOUS cliff-hanger for both girls, with Lucy Watson snogging PROUDLOCK of all people – leaving former flame Jamie Laing puce in the face and shouting.

Stephanie also had heartbreak after she discovered that Stevie hadn’t really been gushing about her to Billie all summer long – leading to an emotional break-up.

Might be quite tempting for them to stay beach-side after all. But for the sake of our Monday nights, they better return. SHARPISH.


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