Made In Chelsea Christmas Special: Spencer Tells Lauren He Loves Her – After Flirting With Lucy Watson!

Deck the halls with boughs of holly and pour us our third mulled wine of the evening – we were FULL of festive cheer as we sat down to watch the Christmas special and series finale of Made In Chelsea. “Hang on a god-damn minute whilst we put the turkey down,” we hear you gasp – “what do you mean it’s the series finale?!”

Yes folks, no more MIC Mondays for us to enjoy together as a family for a fair few months now. So you’d expect something seriously dramatic to happen right? You know, maybe Rosie Fortescue suddenly cracking and taking Andy Jordan hostage in a Fulham wine bar? Stevie and Andy Jordan finally realising that they belong together? SOMEBODY GETTING UP IN LUCY WATSON’S GRILL MAYBE?!?

Unfortunately there was next to none of the above in last night’s episode. However, there were a fair few shirtless men, a relationship on the brink and an awkward turn of events in a butcher’s – so that’s something right?

1) Spencer TOTALLY Came On To Lucy, And Lauren Looked Like A Bit Of A Mug

So, you know how last week, Spencer Matthews’ new squeeze Lauren was all ‘I totally trust Spencer and believe he’s a changed man’? HA – well this week she was forced to eat a bit of humble pie. Spencer and Lucy had attended an NFL match together earlier on the week, (which for some reason they kept name-dropping – can’t think why) and it transpired that Spencer had been a TEENY TINY bit too flirtatious with ex-girlfriend Lucy – perhaps even hinting they should go home together…

And in Lucy’s words, “I’m just not the kind of girl, OK”. Obviously everyone was REALLY shocked (i.e. not at all) and Stephanie Pratt was delighted to hear about the latest transgression – especially after getting it in the ear from both Spencer and Lauren last week. Rumours were flying all over the place about what happened, and there was even a sinister email floating around about a possible KISS between Lucy and Spencer.

Anyway, Spencer protested his innocence to Lauren at Jamie’s Christmas bash (even dropping the ‘L bomb’), who, after having a bit of a moan, reluctantly agreed to keep things ticking along with the cash-rich hotelier. Guess the fact that he’d bought her a ticket to St. Barts had nothing to do with it at all, right?

2) Everyone Is Trying Really Hard To Be Friends Again – Sort Of

Perhaps it was because it was the season of goodwill, or perhaps the producers had got to that point in the episode planning meeting and were like “Shall we just leave it and go and get a Nando’s instead?” – but in this episode everyone forgot about the need for an engaging drama to happen and just sort of seemed to get along. Fran and Binky still hate each other of course – Fran is now seeing sexy/borderline mad Will (the one that Binky used to date), so obviously Binky’s asked her to move out of the house they share. But aside from that it’s all very lovey-dovey down SW3 way, Will and Lonan even made up over the the weird argument they had last week!

Andy Jordan tried to patch things up with Rosie at the butchers, where some poor butcher-man was elbow deep in her turkey’s cavity. Rosie wasn’t as forthcoming with the whole ‘let’s be friends’ thing, but she did agree that she ‘didn’t want bad vibes around her turkey’, so she agreed to let bygones be bygones and all that. Louise and Andy patched things up (and even shared a weirdly flirty hug), and  Stevie, Andy and all the other ‘lads’ just basically continued on with their bromance.
How lovely!

3) Sam And Tiff Might Get Back Together In January – But Do We Even Care?

Oh yeah, the whole Tiff/Jpeg and Sam Thompson storyline was also going on in the background this week. Long story short – Sam still feels ‘really bad’, Tiff/Jpeg is still mad as hell, but feels bad about the whole being mean to him thing.

Anyhoo, the pair reunited at Jamie’s party at the end of the episode, where Tiff/Jpeg basically told Sam that she was sorry about being mean to him and she wants to be friends, but Sam needs to decide whether he’s mature enough for a relationship. If he does, Tiff/Jpeg hinted that she MIGHT be able to reassess the situation in the New Year.

HOORAY – yet another MIC relationship with all the romance , desire and passion of a haemorrhoid exam.

Not exactly a mind-blowing turn of events to end a series on – but hey, at least the poor blighters TRIED to give us a bit of drama, right?

Until next series, you posh little beauties, you!

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