Made In Chelsea NYC, Episode 6: Lucy Watson and Proudlock ARE A COUPLE?!

So, it was the FINAL episode of  Made In Chelsea NYC last night, and alongside the usual hum-drum bed-hopping and awkard, forced conversations, there was a fair few clangers that COMPLETELY threw us off guard  – leaving us quaking in anticipation for the next series.

Made In Chelsea NYC, Episode 6: Lucy Watson and Proudlock ARE A COUPLE?!
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Quite possibly the two most photogenic and sexy-hot (did we just write ‘sexy-hot’? URGH) stars of the show  – Lucy Watson and Proudlock – shocked an entire nation on Sunday when it emerged that they had been ‘hooking-up’ throughout their time in New York.


Honestly, up until this very episode, we were starting to think they COULD be the same person – like, has anyone
ACTUALLY seen them in the same room together, at the same time?

Anyway, the news shocked the Chelsea-ites to their core, particularly poor old Jamie Laing, who for reasons unbeknownst to us got proper mardy when he found out (because Jamie is a SAINT when it comes to affairs of the heart, of course).

Lucy and Proudlock tried to console him (er, WHY guys? DON’T YOU DARE APOLOGISE FOR BEING THE HOTTEST COUPLE THAT SIDE OF THE ATLANTIC), b ut it was all in vain – even after Lucy said “We’re just friends…that sometimes kiss” – Jamie still went off in a huff. N’aww.

Oh, and just so you know, we’re currently trying to make either ‘Lucelock’, ‘Proucy’ and ‘Loudlock’ happen as a term – so far, very little luck, but we live in hope.

2) Stephanie Pratt and Stevie are sort-of trying to become love’s young dream.

Thankfully, Stephanie Pratt is still in the show and STILL looking generally quite fit – hurrah! The Pratt is ALSO still head over heels for Stevie (and clearly not aware of Stevie’s past as the ‘tragic unlucky-in-love’ figure), and the pair spent the first part of the episode milling around and being generally soppy with each other.

All very good, until Billie rocks up with her monosyllabic voice and expressionless face and reminds Stevie that he told HER that he was TOTALLY SINGLE.


Anyways, Stephanie got wind of all of this when Billie just HAPPENED to bump into the pair, and spilled all to a seemingly heartbroken Steph. Stevie stormed off (as best he could, the little cutie), and The Pratt shed a little tear.

BUT FEAR NOT – when they all ended up on a boat at the end (why is there ALWAYS a boat?), they both made up and Stephanie HINTED that she *might* move to the UK.


3) Jamie Laing  – U OK hun?

Bald, angry – and alone. That’s what Jamie Laing appeared to be all about this week. Breaking television’s last great taboo – receding hairlines – Jamie talked candidly about his struggles with hair loss, and it all seemed rather tragic.

Remember the old Jamie? ‘Fun’? Borderline fit? An apparent ‘hit’ with the ladies? Well – not any more, folks.

Jamie’s had like, NO ACTION the whole time he’s been in New York, and his most interesting storyline this week was where he donned some weird helmet that looked like it had come straight out of the ‘Iron Man 3′ prop-cupboard, it’s apparent purpose being to a ) get some wispy hairs back on your scalp and b) make you look like an idiot.


The rest of Jamie’s time was spent getting mardy with Lucy and Proudlock, when it all came out about their illicit snogging. WHAT A MOANER, EH?

4) Louise is still pretending to fancy Alek, and it’s all very awkward.

The winners of the ‘Most Weird/Awkward Couple’ and the ‘What In The Name Of Mark-Fancis Is Going On’ awards this week were Louise and Alek.

You know Alek – the Scott Disick/Roland Rat lookalike? Owns a ‘leather shop’ that’s all rather suspect?

Yeah – he’s still following Louise around with the enthusiasm of an over-eager 14-year-old boy who’s got into Yates’ with a fake I.D.

Louise spent pretty much the entire episode QUITE OBVIOUSLY PRETENDING that she still fancies this man, and treated us all to the most HILARIOUS fake-cry we’ve ever seen when ‘the gals’ asked her if she was going to miss her leather-licious man.

Anyway, over a spot of painting (because apparently that’s what couples do nowadays), Louise continued to avoid kissing him as best she could, as well as eliminating as much eye-contact as possible.

And in spite of all of this, Louise and Alek then both said that they LOVED each other, and at the very end of the episode had this weird WEIRD kiss on the boat – ALL WHILE the rest of the cast cheered and screamed from atop the poop deck. INCLUDING HER BROTHER. Who does that? URGH.

But what’s REALLY ‘inneresting’ is that Alek is apparently coming back to the UK with Louise – and a certain ex-boyfriend of Louise’s is NOT happy at all (*cough* Andy Jordan*cough* ).

5) Riley-Watch

Made In Chelsea’s most insightful and thrilling-to-watch starlet rounded off the series with a BANG on Sunday night.  

She went to get some ice-cream.


Phew, we don’t really know WHAT to do with ourselves after all that excitement. Looks like we’re just going to have to shut all the curtains, grow our hair out and live off tinned food until the NEW series of Made In Chelsea returns, sans New York, later on this Autumn.

And with ‘Lucelock’ and the return of Andy Jordan to look forward to, we can’t flippin’ wait.

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