Made In Chelsea’s Alex Mytton Moves On From Binky Felsted With New Model Girlfriend

Has she never WATCHED Made In Chelsea?!

Alex Mytton has somehow convinced a rather beautiful model to go out with him.


Despite being the worst boyfriend EVER to Binky Felsted on the E4 show it seems not all of womankind has been put off and Alex has managed to bag himself a new lady friend.

Her name is Nicola Hughes – a model (of course) from Ireland.

We just hope someone has warned her about Mr Mytton’s penchant for getting ridiculously hammered and partaking in ‘orgies’ with Spencer Matthews.

Things are reportedy ‘hotting up’ (vom) between the couple who yesterday jetted off for a holiday in Greece.

Well, Alex probably needs to get away after falling out with basically the entier SW3 postcode in the last episode of Made in Chelsea.

In case you missed it, he made his best friend Jamie Laing CRY after it transpired that he had ‘hooked up’ with his beloved ex-girlfriend Tara.

Nicola met Alex in a nightclub in her native Ireland last month and has since apparently been telling all her mates that he’s not the Lego-headed love rat that they saw on MIC.

Wishful thinking?

However, Nicola is also due to star in an Irish reality show called Exiles which follows beautiful people while they try and ‘make a new life in Canada’.

So unless Mytton is planning on packing up and spending the forseeable future in Justin Bieber’s homeland we just can’t see how this one can last.

We somehow doubt Lego-head could handle long distance…



Jason Weisberger

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