Made In Chelsea’s Binky Felstead And Mark-Francis Vandelli Indulge In NYC Retail Therapy

How the other half live!

While we have been getting excited about our newest bargains from Primarni, Binky and Mark have been seriously splashing the cash in New York City.

Currently staying in the Big Apple to film the six special NYC episodes of Made In Chelsea, the pair’s arms were draped with multiple bags full of designer purchases and basically IT’S JUST NOT FAIR!


The co-stars appeared to be in good spirits with Binky shrugging off her alleged split with on-off boyfriend Alex Mytton, who was spotted leaving NYC just before the couple’s birthday last month (their birthday’s fall on the same day – it was never going to work!)

The couple are believed to have split after Binky was unable to forgive Alex for continuously cheating on her, including him having a full-blown orgie with Spencer Matthers (vom) back in May.

Geez, no wonder the girl needed a bit of retail therapy!

Binky showed Alex exactly what he was missing as she looked effortlessly chic in her simple outfit of denim hotpants and a baggy vest, however, the socialite had a slightly-less-than-chic burn mark on her thigh, alongside a nasty scar under the knee.

She recently tweeted: “Always love a trip to A&E. Burnt my leg – but I’ve well and truly lubed it up with lots of antiseptic cream! I’m on the mend!”

Ouch – Get better soon, Binks!

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