Made In Chelsea’s Louise Thompson: By The End Of Filming In New York Everyone Was Paired Up! EXCLUSIVE

She says by the last day of filming everyone was paired up!

We caught up with the very lovely Louise Thompson at this weekend’s V Festival where she told us to expect a whole lot more ‘hooking up’ in this series of Made in Chelsea.

Fresh back from filming Made in Chelsea NYC, when we saw Louise in the Virgin Media Louder Lounge we knew we had to grab her for a quick chat about the new series.

And by the sounds of things, Lou is set to get a heck of a lot of male attention in the coming episodes!

The 25-year-old reality star just couldn’t believe how forward the boys over in New York were.

“The guys over there are so forward. They’re just straight to the point. They date a lot and they just speak their mind. But the thing is if everything’s just out there there’s nothing to work for,” she told us.

However, rather than return with a new penchant for a transatlantic twang being in NYC actually made Louise appreciates our own boys…

“I do actually prefer British guys, I never thought I’d say that,” she revealed.

And according to Louise pretty much all the single characters end up with SOMEONE by the end of the series:

“The whole series started out with a whole load of single people and by the last day of filming it’s like ‘how come everyone’s paired up?’ but in such a weird way!”
We actually can’t wait to see exactly WHO couples up with WHO!
Made in Chelsea NYC is on e4 tonight at 9pm.

Vicky Pattison

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