Made In Chelsea’s Lucy Watson Rants About Sex Life Questions Following End Of Series Party

Made In Chelsea’s Lucy Watson was left less than impressed by the reality show’s end of series party after a row between herself and Spencer Matthews’ new girlfriend, Lauren Hutton, erupted into a posh version of The Jeremy Kyle Show.

No seriously, things got so heated that we were wondering if host Rick Edwards was going to stand up and bellow: “ONE SHOULD HAVE PUT SOMETHING ON THE END OF IT!” à la Jezza.

Taking to Twitter after the show aired, 23-year-old Lucy moaned: “Just because we are on a TV show does not mean we have to answer questions about our sex life in front of an audience. Sorry, but no.”


Then Rick himself made the entire thing all kinds of perfect by tweeting back exactly what everybody was thinking: “To be fair, the TV show is basically about your sex lives”


However, the 35-year-old TV presenter soon found himself in trouble with a Lucy fan, later explaining himself by saying: ” I didn’t ask about her sex life. And the show IS mainly about sex and relationships.

“My JOB is to ask them what they are up to – including things like who is sleeping with who. My JOB. Do you understand that?”


In case you were too busy living your own life to keep up to speed with the goings on with Chelsea’s finest, this whole dramz kicked off when Lucy was forced to defend herself after Lauren accused her of being “up for” a one-night-stand with Spencer.


Rick then asked the gorgeous brunette if she was tempted by her ex-boyfriend’s advances, with Lucy replying: “Do I look like the kind of person who’d be up for it?”

To which Lauren said that, erm, she does actually.


It all went round like that for a bit, and when the show ended we were still none the wiser on who was telling the truth, to be honest.

Until next season, Made In Chelsea – you have been great.

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