Madonna Causes Chaos On Flight: Refuses To Sit Down Or Listen To Cabin Crew

By the sounds of things Madge is a right ol’ nightmare when it comes to flying.

According to today’s Sun on Sunday, Madonna caused a right stir on a recent British Airways flight when she refused to listen to cabin crew and paraded up and down like she pretty much owned the place.

Now while she turned left and plonked herself down (naturally) in seat (or should that be luxury flat-bed?) 1A after boarding interestingly her kids Lourdes and Rocco turned right into lousy business class.

We take it she’s trying to teach them the value of money and all that – keep them down to earth, you know?

However, this also meant that Madonna felt she was entitled to take regular trips to go check on her kids who were slumming it down the plane’s mid-section, much to the cabin crew’s annoyance.

A plane passenger told The Sun: “Madonna took everyone by surprise when she walstzed down the aisle to talk to her kids during the safety announcement.”

“Everyone was say down just before take-off listening to the emergency exits information. Members of the crew told her she needed to sit back down but she didn’t listen.”

“Instead she ventured further back into business class where she has other friends sitting. She was just ignoring everyone, doing as she pleased.”

Well, this is her royal Madgesty we are talking about.

“After arriving, they took three blacked out vans which then took them through private security,” the source added.

Certainly, no awful bus ride to the terminal for them then.

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Elizabeth Wagmeister

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