The aftermath of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s split is already messy as it is considering all the controversies that rose thereafter. But what will happen if Mama Pitt gets in the picture?

Mama Pitt Reinforcement Coming Over Holidays Following Angelina Jolie’s Controversial Comment Involving Brad Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt photo: REUTERS

Pitt’s mom, Jane, reportedly coming over for holidays to see her son and she’s ready to confront Angelina Jolie, following her comment during an interview about living abroad. A source told Radar Online that Pitt’s mom has had enough with the cruelty and unpleasantness shown towards Brad and looks forward to confronting Jolie.

There had been previous reports about Pitt’s mom blaming Jolie for what happened to the actor’s life following the divorce and Jolie talking about getting stuck in a place where her children’s father who currently resides in Los Angeles.

It is a known fact that Pitt and Jolie’s divorce proceedings are ongoing, as well as their battle for the custody of their children. In that interview, Jolie mentioned of her desire to live outside the country and will certainly do so once her children reached 18. As of the moment, she needs to stay where Pitt chooses to live. The “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” star shares 6 children with Pitt and 5 of them, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox, are below 18. Maddox, who just turned 18, already left the country to study college in South Korea.

Jolie does want her children to explore the world and at the same time learn how to live in it. She also wanted for her kids to have friends around the world.

Mama Pitt Reinforcement Coming Over Holidays Following Angelina Jolie’s Controversial Comment Involving Brad Pictured with their six children, U.S. movie stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie arrive at Haneda Airport in Tokyo on Nov. 8, 2011. Photo: Getty images

The source also reportedly told the above-said publication that Pitt’s mom was furious because of the little time she and Brad’s dad get to spend with their grandchildren. Not only that, Mrs. Pitt reportedly has issues too with how Jolie is still treating her son.

Pitt and Jolie filed for divorce in 2016 following an alleged altercation between him and son Maddox. The news blew up that it even reached a point where Child Protective Services got involved and conducted investigation, eventually clearing Pitt.

Both parties were hurt and trying to recover from the pains of this unfortunate circumstance. Controversies may arise left and right, which is unavoidable given the couple’s statute in the industry. This incident is already chaotic and full of drama as it is and yes, people’s opinion on the matter may differ but the ultimate thing to do is prioritize and consider the effects of these issues to the Jolie-Pitt children.