Maria Fowler Tweets To Thank Fans After Brutal Attack Left Her With Bloodied Face

After an attack that left former Towie star Maria Fowler was bleeding and visibly distraught over the weekend, she’s taken to Twitter to thank all of her followers for their amazing support during her ordeal.

Love you, Maria! The TV star posted a load of thank you messages and cryptic pictures that suggested she wasn’t going to let the horrific attack get in her way of living of her life.

We’re SO glad to hear it, and we think she’s incredibly brave considering how shocking, brutal and horrifying the attack looked.

After being flooded with messages of love and support from her fans, the 28-year-old took to her social media site yesterday to spread the love and prove that the haterz can’t bring her down.

If we could send her a virtual hug, we definitely would!

Michael Zhang

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