Mariah Carey Before And After Photoshop GIFs Cause All Sorts Of Outrage

We suppose a bit of photoshop is just the celeb equivalent of the best MazSight filter and who isn’t guilty of whacking on one of those on at every given opportunity?

So we kind of don’t blame Mariah Carey for this extreme Photoshopping of a photo shoot for Wonderland magazine – even though extreme it darn well is!

Like, WOW.

Have a good gawp at these ‘Before and After’ GIFs made by combining the retouched and un-retouched photos from a shoot by super snapper Terry Richardson.

The GIFs were made by the site Jezebel and show the extent to which the glossy images were Photoshopped before being released.

Mariah’s waist has been slimmed down while her boobs have been made bigger and she has also been given a digital self tan to make any of the TOWIE cast proud.

In the second image her waist is again slimmed down, creases from her neck are removed and even her legs are given a quick once over with the airbrush.

The third image shows again, a slimmer waist, bigger boobs and bizarrely – thinner wrists – because what girl doesn’t want those?

Predictably the images have caused quite the furor – with Wonderland being accused of ‘perpetuating unrealistic standards of beauty’.

However, it seems they didn’t try to hide the fact the images had been retouched and to be honest, we love seeing images before Photoshop – it’s almost as good as seeing a celeb without make-up – a wonderful universal leveler for insecure women everywhere.

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