Mariah Carey ‘Can’t Sing Anymore’, Harsh Fans Brand Her Singing ‘Embarrassing’

She’s know for having the largest vocal range of any female pop singer of our generation.

But Mariah Carey has been criticised by some very angry fans who weren’t impressed with her vocals during her show in Tokyo, Japan, on Saturday.

One unhappy chappt took to Twitter to simply tweet: “Wow. Mariah Carey can’t sing anymore.”

Another wrote: “It’s a wrap for Mariah Carey’s singing career. You’re a legend. Time to retire. She can’t sing anymore. At all. What happened?”

Others were simply shocked, accusing Mariah of losing her vocal talents because she ‘never sings live any more’.

Peaches & Herb tweeted: “That was hard to listen to. I see why Mariah Carey never sings live anymore. That’s why.

“Mariah Carey should’ve bowed out right when her voice was giving out. Save herself the embarrassment. I knew it was something wrong with MC though. No artist lip syncs at EVERY show.”


Another took it upon themselves to add some lolz, tweeting: “Don’t mean to brag but i can sing along to mariah carey’s best album on youtube with mac and cheese in my mouth almost perfectly.”

Erm, right.

Footage from the concert appears to show the 44-year-old struggling with her microphone stand when her butterfly decal (#firstworldproblems) came free during We Belong Together.

Rob Cesternino

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