Mariah Carey Faces A Lawsuit From Personal Assistant Following Her Diva Demands

Mariah Carey’s diva demands have landed her in a lawsuit, with a former personal assistant coming forward to demand “a significant amount of money” to make up for unpaid overtime and shoddy working conditions.

The court document has leaked online and sees 49-year-old Ylser Oliver, who worked for the diva for seven years, accuse Mariah of forcing her staff to work “on average approximately sixteen hours per day… For six to seven days per week.”

Ylser claims that she didn’t even get a break to eat during those very, VERY long days – and she didn’t get a dime of overtime.

Not cool, Mariah, not cool.

The PA also details her list of duties in the court document, which included cleaning and organising the singer’s living areas, including any hotel rooms that she was staying in, “attending to Ms. Carey’s personal needs and requests, as well as those of her family“, packing Mariah’s suitcases, and traveling around the globe in order to provide these services wherever the 44-year-old may be.

Ylser started working for the star back in 2007, but eventually quit June 2014 after getting understandably a little bit fed up for the excessive amount of hours and lack of payment.

Her lawyer recently told the New York Post: “My client put her family’s life on hold while tending to Mariah Carey’s family, and Mariah repaid her by underpaying her.

“My client is a very hard-working woman who treated Mariah and her family like her own, working all hours of the day and night. Even celebrities are required to abide by the law.”

It is understood that Ylser is suing Mariah for “a significant amount of money”, but the actual sum is not enclosed.

Given that the singer is worth an estimated $520million, we have a feeling that if Ylser wins this court case she might be in for a VERY nice lump sum.

In fact, it’ll probs make all that overtime worth it in the end… Right?!

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