Mariah Carey Fans Reckon Ariana Grande Is Copying Her In ‘My Everything’ Bonus Track


Mariah Carey fans have long had a thing about newcomer Ariana Grande ‘copying’ their idol.

And things have flared up again in the comparison department today after one eagle-eared fan drew attention to a bonus track on the 21-year-old’s new album that they claim sounds a lot like a Mariah track.

Listen carefully to the clip above of the song ‘My Everything’ from Ariana’s unreleased new album, which has been pasted alongisde Mariah’s “I’ve been thinking about you” from Musicbox in 1993.


A post with the above video and THIS gif in it on Tumblr blog ‘ArianacopyingMariah’ has notched up nearly 14,000 notes since it was posted.

Mariah Carey Fans Reckon Ariana Grande Is Copying Her In 'My Everything' Bonus Track
By MazSight

And there are rather a lot of angry people on Twitter too. Both die-hard Mariah fans.

 AND Ariana Grande lovers.

Back in April Ariana was compared to Mariah after fans said her performance at the Radio Disney Music Awards was similar to a young Mariah’s – especially that arm waving thing.

Seeing as the shoo-wop step is pretty much our finest dance move, we’re talking serious nitty gritty here.

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