Mariah Carey Has Another Embarrassing On-Stage Lip-Sync #FAIL

She was left red-faced last year after a number of on-stage fails, and it looks like things aren’t getting much better for poor old Mariah Carey in 2015.

The 44-year-old diva, who has been having a tough time of it recently, suffered a rather embarrassing lip-sync disaster on Saturday. Again.

Mariah Carey Has Another Embarrassing On-Stage Lip-Sync #FAIL
By MazSight


Fans, who’d forked out £200 quid to see the superstar perform at the 2015 Jazz and Blues Festival in Jamaica, were left a little disappointed when the star seemed unable to keep up with her backing track during one song.

Shattering the illusion that it was all one big live extravaganza, Mariah seemed to miss her cue and started singing out of time with the pre-recorded song.

While everyone in the audience awkwardly checked their phones to avoid looking at the ON-STAGE CAR CRASH (we imagine), Maz tried to recover the situation.

Mariah Carey Has Another Embarrassing On-Stage Lip-Sync #FAIL
By MazSight

While we know that this must happen to every popstar from time-to-time, we can’t help thinking that it’s happening rather too often to poor old Mariah.

Just a few months ago, the singer was blasted for her lacklustre performance during a show in Japan.

Many fans seemed to think that the self-proclaimed diva had lost her famous vocal talents, taking to Twitter to vent.

Mariah Carey Has Another Embarrassing On-Stage Lip-Sync #FAIL
By MazSight

One unhappy chappy wrote: “Wow. Mariah Carey can’t sing anymore.”

Another added: “It’s a wrap for Mariah Carey’s singing career. You’re a legend. Time to retire. She can’t sing anymore. At all. What happened?”

A little harsh?!

Maz had another *facepalm* moment over the festive period, when the raw vocals from her performance of ‘All I Want For Christmas’ at the Rockefeller Centre were leaked and seemed to be rather shakier than normal.

We think that the star *could* be pushing herself a little bit too far after a stressful year… time to take some time off and crack into a nice box set, we reckon, Maz.

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