Mariah Carey Insists Her New Song ‘Infinity’ ISN’T About Ex Husband Nick Cannon

Forget everything you may think, Mariah Carey has come forward to absolutely insist that her new jam, ‘Infinity’, is not about ex-hubby Nick Cannon.


The 45-year-old music icon raised eyebrows when she debuted the new song, with fans quick to see the similarities between the scathing lyrics and her own love life, however, Mariah has tried her best to debunk the speculation.

Talking to Access Hollywood she explained: “I don’t feel like it’s my personal life. It’s written for all women, or men, or whoever’s gone through any type of relationship.

“I’m looking at it as the mantra of ‘Infinity’ is to love yourself… Loving yourself first to infinity.

“Then you can love anybody or anything else – your career, your kids, your life. It’s like someone emancipating themselves. It’s like my re-emancipation of Mimi.

“I wanted everybody to be able to sing along with me, it’s a big chorus.”

Despite trying her best to acts totes innocent, the coy star did go on to say that even if the song was about the father of her three-year-old twins, she wouldn’t exactly admit it, adding: “I tend to be more private about my personal life anyway.

“So even if the song were about some in particular, I would never say that, because that would be my own private thought.”

Make your mind up, babes, we kinda feel like we can’t trust anything that you say right now….

…And with lyrics such as ‘you just lost the best you’ve ever had’, we reckon we can all make our own minds up on this one.

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