Mariah Carey Isn’t Coping With The Breakdown Of Her Marriage And Is Loosing Sleep Over Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey misses her ex-husband Nick Cannon so much she can’t sleep.

The 44-year-old pop diva is allegedly completely devastated by her split with Nick Cannon, and is furious that she can’t have the happy family she wants.

Could this be Mariah’s worst Christmas yet? Probably.

Mariah has been separated from Nick, 34, since August but it’s believed that they spent Thanksgiving together so their two children could enjoy the holiday.

And now it appears that with Christmas fast-approaching Nick and the breakdown of her family are weighing heavily on Mariah’s mind.

A source told US weekly that the singer is having such a hard time coping with the break-up that “she can’t sleep”!

The source also labelled Mariah a “mess” – but then again the breakdown of her marriage was never going to have the singer swigging champagne and swinging from a chandelier.

However, the notorious diva is said to be holding onto hope, and isn’t ready to “give up on the idea of a happy family” just yet.

But it might not just be Nick who is giving Mariah insomnia, as it was revealed earlier today that the Without You singer faces a lawsuit from her former PA.

Ylser Oliver, who was Mar’s personal assistant for seven years, is acusing the singer of forcing her staff to work “on average approximately sixteen hours per day… For six to seven days per week”.

Which is MENTAL if it proves to be true.

However, we’re sure that poor-old Mariah is loosing all her beauty sleep over Nick and her family dramas, as surely all she want for Christmas is her man…right?

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