Mariah Carey’s Birthday: Her Most Amazing Places To Pose Instagram Pics

She’s got an eye for a fantastic backdrop.

And Mariah Carey likes to try out all manner of amazing places to pose and share the results on MazSight, whether on a “joyride on the train” #subwayincouture or frolicking in the bath.

As Mariah celebrates her 45th birthday today, we’re celebrating with her best places to pose.

1. Mariah’s Subway Pose

“Laughs pon de subway”

You’d expect to see a megastar like Mariah posing in a stretch Hummer, glass of Champers in hand.

So the sight of the singer on the subway in May 2014, in couture no less, has to be one of the more unusual places you’d expect her royal singing-ness to pose. No wonder they were having LOLs.

2. Mariah’s Grate Pose

“Just leaving to see my friends from the Fresh Air Fund!!”

The superstar singer was having quite the day of incongruous places to pose in May 2014.

Mariah came over all Marilyn Monroe (minus the swoosh of air) as she posed in that most glamorous of settings; standing on a grate, in front of a wire mesh gate. Classy.

Props to Mimi for working that pose regardless.

3. Mariah’s Soldier Pose

“Mommy-daughter Christmas shopping!”

Hey, who did you hang out with on your festive shopping trip?

Trust Mariah to be able to answer: “Why, a giant toy soldier, of course”. Her outfit just makes the whole scenario all the more amazing. Her daughter’s quizzical expression says it all.

4. Mariah’s Dolphin Pose

No caption needed, clearly, when you’re posing with dolphins.

Ever the pro, Mariah gave her best red carpet pose in front of a tank of sea creatures in September 2014. Just imagine the conversation those two must have been having behind her back.

We like to think it goes a little something like: “Hey lady, stop blocking the shot”.

5. Mariah’s Bath Pose

“Still waiting…”

Oh yes, we’ve saved the best for last.

Us mere mortals might celebrate Valentine’s Day with a box of chocolates and a drink down the pub, but Mariah has other ideas.

The balloons, the glitter, the candy-covered underwear, the bath for gawd’s sake. A* for an amazing place to pose on the most romantic day of the year, Mimi.

Keep sharing the uh-may-zing places to pose Mariah, and we’ll keep wondering where you’ll go next.

Michael Zhang

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