Marvin Humes’ Birthday: His Most Adorable Daddy Daughter Instagram Pics

He’s a doting dad to Alaia-Mai.

And Marvin Humes gives us a glimpse into his adorable life with his and Rochelle Humes’ two-year-old on MazSight, from chilling with his “little lady” on hols to snuggles at home.

As Marvin celebrates his 30th birthday today, we’re celebrating with his most adorable daddy daughter pics since Lai-Lai was born in May 2013. Get ready to n’awwww.

1. Marvin And Alaia-Mai’s Holiday Cuddles

Marvin and Alaia-Mai snuggled up during their tropical paradise holiday over New Year 2015.

That sand, that sea, that seaplane, that water bungalow, that toned back. Yep, we wish we were in Alaia-Mai’s shoes right about now.

2. Marvin And Alaia-Mai’s Carousel Fun

“Winter Wonderland today with my Lai-Lai and Roch ❤”

Marv took his lil gal for a ride on the carousel at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park in the lead up to Christmas 2014, and like the doting Daddy he is, stood firmly at his daughter’s side while she no doubt imagined she was Jane from Mary Poppins and wished the horse would jump right off.

How amazing is Alaia-Mai’s outfit, BTW?

3. Marvin And Alaia-Mai’s Toy Box Dive

“What toys should we play with next Lai?”

That toy box is so huge we reckon we could literally lie down in it and close the lid.

So it’s no wonder Marv and Lai were taking their time choosing what toys to play with next in this shot from October 2014. Love the dummy in the mouth too Marvin, quite the ‘90s rave scene look you’ve got going on there.

4. Marvin And Alaia-Mai’s Bottle Break

“Me and my Princess.. Thirsty in the sun!☀”

Marvin and his Princess stripped down to their undies and cuddled up for a bottle break during their hot holiday abroad for New Year 2014.

That Marvin could give the ‘80s Athena poster model a run for his money in the Hot Shirtless Man Cradling An Adorable Baby stakes, no?

5. Marvin And Alaia-Mai’s Newborn Love

“Daddy’s Girl…❤”

Be still my beating ovaries.

Marv shared this most adorable of pics soon after Alaia-Mai was born in May 2013. The look of pure joy and love on the new papa’s face is just priceless. Boooot-i-ful.

Keep sharing the adorable daddy daughter pics Marvin, and we’ll keep n’awwwing all over the place.


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