Marvin Humes: ‘JLS Are Arranging A Playdate With All Of Our Babies’ – EXCLUSIVE

Welp. We all shed a tear when JLS split in 2013, and then cried some more when they all moved on to different projects (*cough* LuvBug *Cough* OWS *cough* The Jump), but at least we know that no matter where life takes them, our four fave boys will always be the best of mates.

ESPECIALLY when life takes them to fatherhood.

After becoming a dad to the adorable Alaia-Mai back in 2013, Marvin Humes was joined in JLS parenthood by JB Gill and Oritse Williams last year, who each welcomed a baby boy within weeks of one another last year.

Now, speaking exclusively to Yahoo Celebrity, Marvin has revealed that he and his former bandmates are arranging a playdate for all three babies, telling us: “We haven’t actually had all three of our little ones together yet.

“I have been with Omre, Oritse’s son, with Alaia, and we’ve been with Ace, JB’s son, with Alaia, but not all three of us together but it will definitely happen soon.

“We’ve just all been so busy – JB in Austria for The Jump, and Oritse in America… Aston is always busy too, but we still see eachother as much as possible.”

Phew, we’re glad that childless Aston is still welcome in the JLS Daddy Club…. Although after ten minutes, of baby sick, dirty nappies, and screaming children we have a feeling that he might opt to save that reunion for when the babies are with their mummies.

It isn’t just his old pals that Marvin has to find the time for, with the 29-year-old also sharing that thanks to he and wife Rochelle’s busy schedules, they need to remember to take the time out especially for their family every now and again.

Marv revealed: “We make the time to spend quality time together.

“We all went to the Maldives, Alaia was in the room with us and it was just really nice bonding time for the three of us – no work, no phones, no emails.

“Where Roch and I are concerned, we feel it is very important to have couple time, and also family time with Alaia.

“It’s all about balancing everything and we make it work.”

However, there’s no time for relaxing when you are in charge of an inquisitive toddler, with father-of-one recounting one of the scariest moments of his life: “Alaia has no fear whatsoever,” he explains, “One day, me and Roch were sitting on the sunloungers and Alaia was just playing with her sand bucket by the pool.

“Then she just decided to run and bomb into the pool – You have never seen me run faster in my life.

“I obviously got straight in and she was completely fine, once she wiped her face she was just like ‘more, more, more’, wanting to do it again.”

Eek, that sounds pretty bloomin’ terrifying to us, thank goodness Daddy Marv was on duty, eh?

Let’s hope that Alaia, Omre, and Ace’s playdate is a little bit less dramatic, and please oh please could somebody share pics from the event?

Because we have a sneaky suspicion that it is going to be the cutest thing EVER.

LuvBug’s new single, ‘Revive (Say Something), is out NOW!

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