McBusted Announce 2015 Tour With Brand New Music… And What Happened To THAT Sixth McFly Album?

Well this was an exciting morning.

When we were invited to a special announcement from original super group (soz Stereo Kicks) McBusted, we had an inkling that a brand spanking new tour to go with their brand spanking new album might be on the horizon.

And we are super  excited to confirm that our inkling was totally on point and McBusted will be bringing their new tour to a town near you in the Spring of 2015.

Air Guitars at the ready!

The boys also revealed that as well as playing old classics, such as Year 3000 and All About You, they will be performing “future McBusted hits” from their album, which will be released on 1st of December.

And before you start panicking at the sound of change, the McBusted boys are more than aware that the classics are what the fans are after, with Matt Willis saying: “Before anyone hears anything it’s hard to get excited.

“I’ve always been nervous when my favourite bands put out new records but you find that they will live up to it 80-90% of the time and you’re chuffed to bits.

“We will play anything everyone wants to hear, we genuinely love playing the old songs but will add in new songs.”


Sounds like they are totally in tune with what we want. 

Speaking of which, whatever happened to that mysterious sixth McFly album which was due for release earlier this year before vanishing into oblivion?

We know that you were all wondering the same thing, so we asked them.

And Danny Jones told us: “We’ve skyplussed McFly for the time being, we’re McBusted – McFly are always going to be there.”

Harry Judd added: “We are really excited for the McBusted album, it is better and it is epic. 

“But McFly are still here.”

Sounds as though they meant it when they sang that they will be here forever…

And Danny has plenty of faith in the new album, saying: “It’s like a new band again, we’ve written with some of the best bands.

“It’s one of those albums that you’ll always come back to.”

But what are the our fave six-piece most looking forward to when it comes to a McBusted tour?

Notoriously rude Dougie Poynter couldn’t resist quipping: “I really dig the communal showers. Harry is more of a fan than I am.

“It’s good team bonding, time to cool down and reconnect. 

We’re just going to go ahead and pretend that he was being deadly serious, because we love to have an excuse to picture the McBusted boys in a shower…

You can buy tickets for the 2015 McBusted Tour from 9am THIS Friday.

We. Can’t. Wait. 

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