McBusted Announce ‘TOURPLAY’ Concert Film For Vue, Here Are Our 5 Best Bits From The Trailer

This is the most exciting McBusted news that we have had since, well, since McBusted told us that they were getting together.

Yes, the six-piece strong super group, comprised of Danny Jones, Tom Fletcher, Dougie, Poynter and Harry Judd of McFly and James Bourne and Matt Willis of Busted, are following in the footsteps of One Direction and Justin Bieber with their very own (not just a) concert film: TOURPLAY.

Has a ring to it, doesn’t it?

And it’s not going to be one of those straight-to-DVD affairs either, oh no, this film is exclusive to Vue cinemas so you can marvel at the band on the big screen.

Did we mention that we are excited?

McBusted took to YouTube to announce the news with a rather snazzy trailer and there were so many things that we loved about the video that we thought we would make an official list of the five best moments from the McBusted TOURPLAY announcement.



It all started with the ANTICIPATION – What is this video going to tell us? The excitement of the two band’s logos cropping up before forming the fabulous McBusted one is only exemplified times a million by the very brief clip of…. TINY MCFLY!

Ah, remember all those behind the scenes home videos that were a bonus on their CD singles? It was the best part.

The nostalgia is too much, and judging by some other snippets shown throughout the trailer, the home videos might just be making a reappearance in the film – YAY.


McBusted Announce 'TOURPLAY' Concert Film For Vue, Here Are Our 5 Best Bits From The Trailer
By MazSight

We have watched Dougie blossom from a gawky, spotty, lizard-obsessed teenager (who we fancied) into a chiseled God with shiny golden locks and designer stubble (who we fancy). Basically any close-up of his face counts as a highlight for us, but him comparing the timing of McBusted to losing his virginity is a comparison that is so wonderfully Dougie that we can’t help but smile.

He is still the same Dougie that we have known and loved for ELEVEN YEARS underneath that clear skin and trendy earring.

Some things never change.


Speaking of things never changing… Something that we do remember from those McFly home videos is that McFly like to get naked. A lot. And they weren’t even supposed to be  *those* kind of home videos.

If this clip of butt-naked Harry is anything to go by, TOURPLAY is going to be just as naked, just as fun, and just as wonderful.

That man on the left is clearly enjoying himself.

We want maximum coverage of Harry Judd’s hot, Stricly Come Dancing-esque abs, please.

*We think that’s Matt??

It’s only a 0.2 second clip, so forgive us if we’re wrong but we have studied the gorgeous Matt Willis for many years now (for research purposes, obviously) and the hair, stature, and tattoos are all pointing to him. Not to mention the total ANARCHY that he is bringing to the table.

Ah, remember bad-boy Matt Willis? Who we all fancied because he threw TVs out of the window and gurned a lot? If you thought that he had turned into a juice-cleansing, detox-loving, protein-shake-drinking sensible father-of-two then you are wrong.

Look, he clearly still throws chairs… Sometimes. He is WILD.


Finally, the wait is over – we have a name, we have a promise.

If we’re not mistaken that is James Bourne on stage as TOURPLAY flashes up on the screen, soon followed by a disclaimer that it’s NOT just a concert film and that it will be COMING SOON.

It’s official. Maximum excitement levels have been reached.

Now if you excuse us, we will be camping out at our nearest Vue cinema for the foreseeable future.

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