McBusted Go Selfie Mad At David Cameron’s House While Attending Charity Christmas Party

The McBusted boys were invited to a charity Christmas bash at Downing Street today, and couldn’t resist paying David Cameron a visit.

Unfortunately the Prime Minister didn’t look like he was in, but the cheeky chaps took advantage of a quiet No.10 to snap some silly moments with the iconic slab of wood – the door to the house that is.

The boys were visiting the Prime Minister’s street to pay a visit to a Christmas party hosted by children’s charity Starlight, hosted by the PM’s next-door neighbour George – and while they were there they couldn’t resist a spoofy selfie or two.

Tom looked as though he was auditioning for a place in the Nutcracker ballet with one leg flicked up behind him as he pretended to call on David Cameron.

Harry Judd, on the other hand, looked as mischievous as ever when he was snapped playing ‘Knock down ginger’ on the famous door.

Bass player extraordinaire Dougie struck a pose with the door, but cracked a joke in the caption accompanying his rather run-of-the-mill pic, writing: “Here to check the gas meter mate”

But with cheekbones and a jaw like that would they even believe you Dougie??

Danny Jones played it cool, and decided to flex his rock ‘n’ roll credentials with a moody black and white shot, accompanied by a solitary number 10 emoji in the caption box.

However when the boys finally managed to make it inside No.11 they met plenty of children, and were even snapped holding a gigantic snake – which had been brought along to the party.

The boys weren’t the only stars to be invited to Downing Street though, as Strictly Come Dancing’s Pixie Lott and Jake Wood were also in attendance.

We thought Harry, who is a past Strictly winner, might have challenged Jake to a dance-off or given Pixie a twirl around the floor – but it seems like all of the attention was on the children and that huge snake.

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