McBusted’s Most Excellent Adventure Review: 6 Reasons Why You Should See Them Live

Let’s not beat around the bush here, this generation are guaranteed to have done these three things throughout their teenage years:

1. Bawled their eyes out when Charlie Simpson left Busted back in the glory days of ’05.

2. Bawled their eyes out when they read McFly’s tell-all autobiography in 2012, where all four boys spoke candidly about the demons that came with fame.

3. Bawled their eyes out when McBusted announced themselves as a super group back in 2013, with all six members now happier, healthier, and more amazing than ever.

Oh, and we should mention that the third time was happy tears, promise.

Now, with all of that emotion and sobbing out of the way, McBusted were quick to embark on a sell-out tour across the UK last year and they didn’t hesitate in pulling out all of the stops when it came to production, gimmicks, and just generally being bloomin’ amazing.

Following the success of Tourplay the band released their first studio album as a sixsome and shortly after that they announced their second UK tour – McBusted’s Most Excellent Adventure.

With some questioning whether the novelty had worn off  the supergroup, and most wondering if the boys would ever be able to top their first tour, this was definitely going to be the make or break moment to see if McBusted had any longevity as a band… And we are proud to say that they bloomin’ smashed it.

On that lovely note, here are six reasons why everybody should see McBusted on tour and no, not all of them are ‘Topless Harry Judd’….

1. Pop Culture Galore

You’ve probably gathered from the tour’s rather catchy title that this was going to be a show like no other in terms of pop culture references, and this happens in abundance. Still, what else can you expect from a band that was named after actual Marty McFly from ’80s classic Back To The Future, eh?

The nostalgia starts before the show even kicks off, with trailers for a whole load of old films being shown to the excited fans as it leads into the band’s (very cool) computer game based intro, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Not to give too much away, every single performance from McBusted’s nineteen-song setlist brings something new to the stage, even if it’s just on the screen behind the boys, and it includes everything from Saved By The Bell to Guitar Hero to Super Mario with plenty of things inbetween that will even keep your dad entertained.

That’s how you know that they’re onto a good thing.

2. The Gimmicks

McBusted’s first tour became a massive talking point thanks to the amount of crazy gimmicks that came with it, namely a giant UFO, we mean, how could they possibly ever top that this time around?

Well, perhaps with a flying car, Kisscam, and James Bourne no doubt regretting his decision to ride a bike for the entirity of, erm, ‘Riding On My Bike’.

Your legs will thank you for it, Jimbo, and so will we.

3. The Fun

Gimmicks plus Pop Culture would equal fun in the most boring of concerts, but throw in six of the best entertainers in the industry and you have a recipe for nothing short of pure brilliance.

For all of us hardcore fans who saw both Busted and McFly (perhaps multiple times) throughout their stints as two separate bands, seeing how bloomin’ happy they are as a six piece is more evident than ever.

That’s not to say that McFly and Busted weren’t having fun when they performed to us as teenagers, but one read of their tell-all interviews from that era is enough to prove that the boys themselves weren’t exactly having as much fun as artists battling alcoholism, depression, and bipolar disorder as they are as settled, sober, dads and husbands, and we have to admit that it was pretty emosh to see.

Needless to say, when the band are having fun the audience are having fun – it really is that simple.

4. The MUSIC

Okay, okay, okay. We have spoken about all of the cars, games, and lolz that make McBusted McBusted, but it’s important not to forget that underneath ALL OF THOSE LAYERS they’re actually ruddy good musicians and their songs are about as catchy and feel-good as it gets. 

As mentioned, the boys perform a whopping nineteen tunes in all of their glory, a mixture of Busted hits, McFly hits, and new McBusted hits-to-be, and there isn’t a single weak link in the line-up.

From classic guitar anthems like Year 3000 to schmultzy acoustics like Beautiful Girls Are The Loneliest, you’ll probably be singing all the way home but that is most definitely not a bad thing.

PS Anybody else forget what an absolute TUNE Shine A Light is? #EhEhEh

5. The Bond

Our favourite thing about McFly was just how bloomin’ close the four members are as friends, we mean, they’re best men at eachother’s Weddings and all of the WAGs hang out together for fun, making us incredibly jelly at every available moment.

As fans of McFly, we all knew that there would be no Charlie-Simpson-Esque walkout from any of them, because they all genuinely love what they do and eachother (n’aww), and the best thing about McBusted is that it proved that they love Matt Willis and James just as much, with the Busted duo continuing to work behind the scenes with McFly when this supergroup was nothing more than a dream in the distance.

Now, well over a decade after they first met, all six of the boys remain the best of friends, which is blindingly obvious when they perform together on stage and it is pretty much guaranteed to make you feel all warm and fluffy inside.


6. ….Topless Harry Judd….

Alright, we said that all six wouldn’t be about how ruddy sexy the guys are but surely we are allowed one, yeah?

Not only are McBusted eternally lovely individuals, you can’t exactly ignore the fact that they are flippin’ gorgeous, and Harry stripping off to reveal his rock hard abs halfway through the gig is definitely an added bonus.

Well, all that drumming is sweaty work – you can’t really blame him for wanting to get more, ahem, comfortable, can you?

Still, this isn’t a bloomin’ DreamBoys show, it’s a McBusted concert and all things considered it’s definitely one of the best, and most fun, gigs that we have been to in a long ol’ time.

Good effort boys, you’ve definitely proven that McBusted are here to stay and needless to say, we are SUPER happy about it.

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