McBusted’s Tom Fletcher Shares Adorable Video Of Baby Buzz Laughing At Dandelions – TOO CUTE

McBusted’s Tom Fletcher has done it again. Two years after breaking the Internet (sorry Kim Kardashian) with a YouTube video of his a-mazing Wedding speech, the 29-year-old singer has uploaded a video even more adorable and hilarious to rival it.

And this time, it co-stars his one-year-old son, Buzz. N’AWW.

Soz Tom, we think that you have been massively upstaged with this one.

Simply captioned ‘Buzz And The Dandelions’, the short clip is two minutes and seven seconds of pure joy as Tom introduces his baby son to dandelions for the first ever time, explaining in the caption: “This is why being a Dad is awesome.

“This is the first time my son Buzz has ever seen a dandelion…I think he liked it.”


With his son strapped to his back, the blue-haired star blows on the dandelion and Buzz promptly cracks up with perhaps the best laugh that we have ever heard in our lives:

Hearing Buzz’s laugh, Tom promptly joins his little’un in the hilarity, with the twosome then laughing at eachother’s laughter in what is probably one of the cutest displays of father-and-son bonding that we have ever seen.

We then get treated to two more goes on a dandelion before Tom decides that they’ve had enough fun for one day and heads off home.

All in a day’s work, eh?

Tom is fast becoming just as known for his cutesy vlogs as he is for his mahoosive singing career, with the star announcing his wife Giovanna’s pregnancy and the birth of Buzz in equally amazing vids.

Keep up the good work, babes, we think we’ll have a smile on our face all day thanks to Buzz’s brilliant little chuckle <3.

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