Meghan Markle and Princess Diana have tons of similarities, but it seems that the Duchess of Sussex became her own person after the birth of her son, Archie Harrison mountbatten-Windsor.

Royal biographer Andrew Morton wrote in his book “Meghan: A Hollywood Princess” that Markle and Princess Diana are quite similar in terms of their humanitarian work and popular glamorous appeal to the public. But unlike the late Princess of Wales, Markle is also always camera-ready and never camera-shy.

“At her core, Meghan is a very different person, possessing a balance and self-assurance that Diana, certainly in her early career, struggled to reach. It is said that to be an effective congressman, MP or president, it is preferable to have enjoyed a successful career outside the political arena so that when you walk into the Chamber or White House it is not so intimidating,” Morton said.

The royal biographer added that this is where the Duchess of Sussex finds herself. She arrived at the gates of the palace, fully-formed and as a successful actress, a popular blogger, and a humanitarian.

Meanwhile, Markle and Princess Diana have also been linked to each other in a touching way after the birth of Archie Harrison. Julian Venables or London Astrologer told Express that the spirit of Princess Diana would shine through Markle and Prince Harry’s son.

“He’s going to be very sensitive to other people’s pain so he’s going to be very compassionate. You have this Taurus, solid, patient, determined person who’s going to be a very sensitive and compassionate person, just like his grandmother was… He’s going to be someone who really wants to do the best he can in the world, given his upbringing that he’s given,” she said.

The astrologer also said that it would be Archie’s burden to carry Princess Diana’s emotional legacy in a way which strikes an accord with the entire world and not just the United Kingdom.

Meghan Markle A ‘Very Different Person’ From Princess Diana, Royal Biographer Says Pictured Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex is pictured visiting the Royal Variety Charity’s on Dec. 18, 2018 in Twickenham, England. photo: Chris Jackson/Getty images