Meghan Markle gained a new controversial nickname after her Wimbledon photo snub scandal.

The Duchess of Sussex made a buzz when she attended Wimbledon last week to support her friend Serena Williams. Many were not pleased when she asked her staff to tell the people to refrain from taking photos of her because she was there in a “private capacity.”

Following the incident, Markle, who was dubbed “Duchess Difficult,” earned another nickname. TV host Carole Malone criticized Prince Harry’s wife’s entitlement and called her “Princess Privacy.”

“Princess Privacy has been at it again, reportedly asking bodyguards to stop spectators at Wimbledon from taking photos of her. As she sat with 12,000 people watching a match broadcast to millions of people,” she said on Sky News.

Malone was not pleased with Markle’s arrogance. The duchess opted to keep her son Archie’s baptism private and kept the names of his godparents a secret. However, reports have it that she’s in talks with Vogue to write a monthly column for them.

“Oh my god, the hypocrisy, the arrogance, the control freaky. Sorry but Meghan isn’t entitled to demand special treatment. And people are fed up of her and Harry with their litany of imaginary grievances,” Malone continued.

“Behaving like two of life’s victims, rather than the luckiest people alive. Fact: As Duchess of Sussex she can’t ever be private.”

Malone pointed out that Markle is no longer a celebrity but a royal. She reminded her that there are duties and responsibilities that go with it.

Meanwhile, Markle made a wrong move by telling a spectator to stop taking photos of her because in the snaps shared by Express, the man was actually taking a selfie. So, Markle was not on the screen even if his camera was facing the duchess. 

Markle also did two major blunders when she attended Wimbledon. First, she wore a pair of jeans. Etiquette suggests that those in the royal box area should wear formal attire, so they could not invite her to the royal box.

Second, organizers criticized her for failing to watch Andy Murray’s game. According to one source, it was a “massive faux pas” for a member of the royal family to not watch a Brit’s game, and Markle was described a “nightmare.”

Meghan Markle Gains Another Controversial Nickname After Wimbledon Photo Snub Scandal Pictured: Meghan, Duchess of Sussex attends a Commonwealth Day Youth Event at Canada House with Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, where they speak with young Canadians from a wide range of sectors including fashion, the arts, business and academia on March 11, 2019 in London, England. Photo: Getty images/Chris Jackson