Meghan Markle is rumored to be pregnant with her second child. Even though no announcement has been made yet, royal fans are convinced that the Duchess of Sussex is expecting.

While at the Remembrance Day event, Markle wore a black long-sleeved dress with a plunging neckline. Her dress also featured a belt around the waist. The Duchess of Sussex also kept her hair neatly tied throughout the night.

But eagle-eyed royal watchers focused more on one detail during Markle’s outing. They noticed that the new mom placed her left hand over her belly multiple times during the event.

In the past, Markle was also photographed doing the same gesture before and after her first pregnancy was announced by the palace. As such, royal fans are convinced that she is indeed expecting another baby with Prince Harry.

But on the online forum site Quora, one Markle supporter claimed that the gesture doesn’t mean that the “Suits” alum is pregnant. Deanna Eppers, who would love to visit the United Kingdom, said that Markle may simply prefer to stand with one of her hands resting on her stomach.

The royal fan also uploaded a slew of photos of Prince Harry’s wife with her hand placed on her tummy after she gave birth to Archie.

“We won’t know when Meghan, or if Meghan, will have another baby, so we have no way of knowing if she is pregnant. Time will tell. Yes, the Duchess rested her hands over the top of her tummy, but really that’s a way she prefers to stand. Not with her hands at her sides, but in front of her, clasped together. Prince Harry actually does the same thing,” Eppers said.

But Eppers didn’t deny the possibility of Markle and Prince Harry having a second baby soon. However, she is convinced that the Duchess of Sussex is not pregnant at the moment.

Meghan Markle Pregnant With Second Child? Duchess Does This Telling Gesture Meghan Markle is pictured at the launch of the smart Set clothing collection on Sept. 12, 2019 in London. Photo: Philip Panting