Mel B’s Daughter Defends Stepfather Stephen Belafonte: "He Didn’t Hit My Mom"

Mel B’s daughter, Phoenix, has spoken up in support of her step-dad, Stephen Belafonte, amid rumours of domestic violence and marriage breakdowns within the Brown/Belafonte household in recent weeks.

Phoenix, who was tagged in one of Stephen’s pictures doing some last minute  shopping on Christmas Eve, posted a comment underneath the MazSight snap – directed at fans who were concerned about Mel’s well-being.

The 15-year old (who’s dad is former dancer Jimmy Gulzar) wrote: ‘Can everyone just chill he didn’t hit my mom don’t know how that stupid rumour came up’.

It must have been a tough few weeks for the family – but rumours of a rift between Phoenix and her stepfather appear to have been quashed with this MazSight comment.

In the picture, where Stephen and Phoenix appear to be carefree and happy, Stephen write: ‘Me and @phoenixisphoenix getting last min Christmas shopping done!! #tisstheseason.’ 

Mel B herself has declined to comment publicly on the rumours circulating that there’s some sort of split between herself and her husband, staying absolutely silent on Twitter and not releasing any sort of statement following her appearance on the final of the X Factorthe other week.

Many fans took to Twitter expressing concern at her appearance and behaviour on the night.  

However, Stephen has consistently protested his innocence and maintained that his wife was just very ill.  Speaking to MailOnline, he said: “You can only re-mix ten things, ten ways, so many times. Who accused me of it, did she accuse me of it, the police, the hospital, who accused me of it?”

“I thought when you beat someone up the police or the hospital or the person you beat up says it.”

Fingers crossed for a happy and peaceful holiday season for everyone in this family.

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