Mel B’s Face Looks… Different… As She Poses For Random Naked Bath Selfie

Remember when Michelle Keegan accidentally uploaded a picture of some naked boobs while in the bath then quickly deleted them and claimed they were her friends?

Mel B doesn’t feel the need to blame anyone else for her naked bath selfies.

The X Factor judge let the world into a bit of ‘private time’ last night, uploading a snap of herself covered in soap suds in the bathtub to MazSight.

Thankfully, she wasn’t quite as naked as who ever featured in Michelle’s selfie *cough*, but that didn’t stop the onslaught of fans telling her to ‘get some more bubbles!’. Tough love.

One follower commented: “Um..? Luv u, just u really need some more bubbles coming up a little higher! Just a word of advice before you take a photo when ur in the bath!!! [sic]“

Meanwhile, despite the naked selfie deflecting from anything else, Mel’s face has become a bit of a talking point following her X Factor comeback.

The former Spice Girl looked a little… different… on the red carpet, sparking a few surgery rumours on Twitter.

One fan tweeted: “Still trying to work out what Mel B has done to her face.”

Another said: “Has Mel B had surgery? She’s still gorgeous but she looks a little different.”

While others were just flat-out convinced, with one user tweeting: “What’s Mel B done to her face? #sheshadworkdone”

Despite the rumours and wicked whispers, the 39-year-old has never admitted that she’s had any surgery, but she did previously warn that she’d get some work done if things went awry.

When asked if she’d had surgery In 2009, she said: “I wouldn’t say no. If things start dropping I’ll do something about it, but I haven’t done anything so far.”

Recent reports claim Mel underwent a breast reduction after getting totally ripped abs and back down to her pre-pregnancy shape (why wasn’t she coined ‘Sporty Spice’?).

A source told Life & Style: “She had her boobs reduced one cup size and loves them!

“She had really big boobs and wanted them smaller after she got in really great shape. She’s very happy with the breast reduction.”

Before we sign off, let’s just remind ourselves of THAT bathtime “selfie”…

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