Mel B’s Husband, Stephen Belafonte, ‘Fled The Country’ Amidst Split Rumours

This Mel B and Stephen Belafonte split appears to be getting messier by the day.

The film producer had already come forward to deny vicious allegations that he had hit the former Spice Girl, resorting in her missing Saturday night’s live X Factor final, before it was revealed that the pair’s seven-year marriage was on ‘life support’.

And now it has been revealed that prior to Mel being discharged from hospital on Sunday, Stephen ‘fled’ the UK, returning to their Los Angeles home.

A source close to the star claims that Stephen jetted off after Mel told him last week that their marriage was over, adding: “Mel is feeling strong about her decision at the moment, but it’s obviously a very difficult time.

“She was at her lowest point in a long time, and it’s very telling that he wasn’t there for her.”

It is thought that Stephen left the country on Sunday afternoon, which was just a matter of hours before Mel was discharged from hospital and returned to X Factor that night.

An insider blabbed to The Sun: “The fact that he left the country before she’d even gone back on ‘X Factor’ is another sign of just how bad things have become between them.

“But Stephen is playing hard to get and hoping that by leaving the country, Mel will give in and agree to have him back.

“They have been in bad places before but he always ends up taking the control. This time, all her friends hope that won’t happen.”

Ooft, obviously we don’t know if it’s true, but playing hard to get while your wife is in hospital?

Talk about a low blow.

Mel has remained totally silent about the entire split saga as she continues to recover from the suspected stomach ulcer that left her hospitalised last week.

For everybody’s sake, we just hope that things get better before they get any worse, because this Belafonte-Brown break-up is starting to look seriously messy.

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