MIC: Andy Jordan Reveals He’s OVER Louise Thompson And That He’d ‘Probably’ Have Sex With Proudlock – EXCLUSIVE

To be perfectly honest, we haven’t seen HALF as much of Andy Jordan in this series of Made In Chelsea as we’d like. The man with the sexiest nostrils in SW3 has been in and out of this autumn’s series, after dodging the gangs sojourn to NYC and finally cooling things of with his former flame Louise Thompson.

We wanted to know if he REALLY thought that Louise and Alik could go the distance, and wondered if he was not just the TEENIEST bit love-lorn about the whole situation?

(Come on, Louise and Andy WERE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER PEOPLE. When they split up we lay crying in the corner eating Nutella for six days, so god knows how Andy feels about the whole situation).

Well it turns out he’s very much ‘AM I BOVVERED’ about it all, really.

Speaking exclusively with Yahoo Celebrity UK this weekend, Andy revealed that: “I’m over all that to be honest. Alik and Louise will go the distance – I think so, anyway.”

Well there we have it, ladies and gentlemen. Our beloved Andy is officially O-VAH Louise. A single tear is falling down our face as we write this.

But what about the rest of the cast? What does he make of the new series? Well, not that much it turns out. With his music and clothing line – Jam Industries – now his main focus, he’s a bit ‘CBA’ about the show now.

“To be honest with you, I don’t really watch it. I enjoy making the show, but after I’ve filmed it I kind of just walk away.”

“I don’t seek drama – I’m like, the most chilled out guy on the planet – so when I watch it back and see all the drama, it’s quite frustrating”.

Aw babs, we always knew you were the sensitive type.

Now we know that poor old Andy never really had the best luck in the ladies department, after the heart-wrenching affair that was his relationship with Louise. So we felt like it was our sworn duty to play a little game of ‘Shoot, Shag, Marry’ with the beachwear enthusiast – except we decided to only talk about the boys.


As a result, we can exclusively reveal that it’s all getting a bit homoerotic on the Kings Road recently – with Andy and Jamie Laing now living together, they’re having some very cosy ‘Sunday Snuggle Sessions’.

Sounds delightful, right?

“I’d have to marry Jamie… we live together, laugh a lot. We have this thing called the  ‘Sunday Snuggle Sessions’, where I get into bed wearing my M&S pyjamas, and Jamie comes and snuggles me…It’s very homoerotic”.

Blimey. But between Jamie, Spencer Matthews and Proudlock, who would Andy most like to … you know… do ‘the deed’ with?

“I’d have to shag Proudlock. He’s quite small like a girl, so I could probably take charge and throw him around a lot.”

Is it hot in here, or is it just us?

As for poor Spencer Matthews, Andy couldn’t bring himself to shoot him as they’re apparently “quite good friends now” – so we agreed on a gentle ‘shove’ instead.

And speaking of Spenny, when we asked about what we could look forward to on the show:

“You guys need to keep an eye out for the return of Spencer Matthews – he’s going to have a PROPER come back!”

Does this mean Spencer’s up to his old tricks? We dread to think of what the Matthews has in store for the women of Made In Chelsea this series…

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Andy Jordan is at the Clothes Show Live from Fri 5 until Tues 9 December. He will be meeting visitors and signing autographs at Paparazzi Pen, The Manhattan Bar, Hamptons Bar, the Celebrity Signing Areas well as appearing on the Image Catwalk, so that’s nice, isn’t it?

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