Michelle Keegan Flashes Her Ring Before Joining Mark Wright For Post-Honeymoon Date!

Perennial mega-babe Michelle Keegan (or Michelle Wright, who knows at this stage in the game) has been busy returning back to normal life this week – after making us tear at our hair and sob manically whilst munching on a pack of Jaffa Cakes, hysterical with jealousy over her amazing Wedding and honeymoon with Mark Wright.

And a key part of getting ‘back to normality’ for any recent bride is to of course post lots of selfies of yourself looking mega-tanned, flashing your ring as much as possible in a very ‘Oh, can you see it in the picture? I DIDN’T MEAN FOR THAT TO HAPPEN’ way.

Future Strictly star Michelle posted the snap yesterday, on her way back from the gym.

Seriously, who looks THAT good after the gym? WHAT IS THIS WOMAN’S SECRET FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

Anyway, as well as ogling Mrs Wright’s frankly fantastic face, we couldn’t help but take her eyes off that ROCK. We’re surprised Michelle didn’t sink to the bottom of the Indian ocean on her honeymoon scuba dive sessions.

Michelle must have later found the time to drag her presumably heavily weighed-down hand around the place to get dolled up, as she was joined by husband Mark for their first date night as an actual, full-time, married couple.

Marriage definitely suits them, doesn’t it? #hotmarriedcoupleklaxon.

The pair headed out to the Studio 15 night club in exotic Windsor, showing off their newly-acquired tans – which we’re told could actually be viewed from the top of The Shard.

Regardless, we’re loving the fact that Mark and Michelle (we quite like ‘Marchelle’ or ‘The M&M’s’ but we’ll come back to that) haven’t become one of those ‘We’re married, so let’s stay in for eternity and watch box-sets’ married couples, and are actually well up for going out on the lash.

Michelle revealed all about her honeymoon in her latest Hello! column, signing it off using her new married name.


She explained that the first part of their honeymoon was spent on the tiny island of Maafushivaru, which they arrived at via seaplane from Male, admitting: “I’ve never been in a seaplane before, it was very exciting and not as bumpy as I thought it would be.”

She continued on to reveal what they got up to on the island, writing: “We did lots of resting, sunbathing, exploring and eating in the Maldives… for food we enjoyed lots of  fresh fish and salads, and of course, a bit of champagne to celebrate!”

Better than a B&B at Bognor we guess?

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